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Whether political or rescue-related, do NOT donate money online or locally! There is a safer, more effective way to help animal owners struggling with financial problems.


December 1, 2020

NetPlaces Network Staff


You probably don’t remember that “animal rights” began in England and caught on here after passage of the Animal Welfare Act in 1966. You might remember June 15, 1984 when The New York Times described the break-in at the University Of Pennsylvania laboratory. Five shadowy figures found “an audiovisual record on 32 magnetic tapes of several years of brain-damaging experiments on monkeys and baboons.



The gruesome photos and details are forever etched in my brain and like everyone, I vowed to fight animal cruelty. But. Political henchmen twisted a good thing into a gigantic money-maker with an underlying plot to destroy American freedoms.


Over the years, it became a fight against those who exploit animals for $$$. And when you need help, you call the cops or as in the olden days, you call the Cavalry!


The Cavalry Group Legislative Fund has been defending animal OWNER rights for decades and no one is better informed or equipped.


They are also politically savvy. CEO Mindy Patterson recently said “If you own an animal-based business, certainly you would know that the Biden-Harris team was endorsed by the Humane Legislative Fund {Ref #1} and you should check their policies as reported by independent news sources.” ~ The Cavalry Group {Ref #2} has long recognized many tax-exempt “animal rights” groups as subversive anti-American political groups. Such “not-for-profit” (organizations) thrive on well-intentioned generosity but in many cases, it is criminal fraud.


We don’t usually talk politics but we all agreed with The Calvary Group that a Biden-Harris win could mean economic ruin for American farmers, ranchers, and animal related businesses.


That includes YOU whether you are a show dog or pet breeder.


There is something else you should know. The Humane Legislative Fund sounds great but is it just another $$$$ donation vehicle for HSUS, the Humane Society Of The United States? has exposed questionable practices of HSUS.


For every crisis there’s a scam and COVID 19 has been a gold mine for thieves, both online and door-to-door. Even legitimate organizations take their “operation expenses” off the top and that can amount to over 50% of your donation. In fact, according to legal eagles, less than 22% of donations ever get to a needy animal owner.



Even BLOOD donations are sold to blood banks and incredibly (!) we could find no stated cost for blood but if someone in your family needed blood YOU found out it is outrageously expensive. The point here is that donation scams are big business.


In October 2020 USA Today {Ref #3} reported "The Humane Society of the United States has established a COVID-19 Relief Fund to help keep pets and owners together and has distributed more than $1 million to animal shelters, pet rescue groups and horse rescue organizations across 48 states.


How much did they take in? A good guess would be 10X as much as they “distributed.”


As stated by one of our staff. “A donation does not have to be “tax deductible” to be rewarding to your soul.” He smiled and added “Knowing that 100% of your support is actually going to an animal owner in need is better for your brain…”


Most dog breeders keep a good supply of dog food but many families are struggling to feed their pets. So the NetPlaces Network has a solution. OK, it is a little more work than just writing a check but the fact is, most cash donations are “money wasted.” See Animal Shelter Fraud {see display below} for animal welfare organization information.


TheDogPress staff says check with your veterinarian, church group, or the ‘neighbor that knows everything” and reach out to directly help a struggling pet owner. Cash is always welcome but the most direct aid to pets is – PET FOOD. A big bag or two of dry cat or dog food will go a long way towards actually helping the animal.


Think about it this way… there are social services for people but it is unlikely that there is any local support that goes directly to pets. Check with your church and the “nosey neighbor” who knows everything.


Call your local Kennel Club or dog training club and ask if they know someone who needs pet food. Not cash. Pet food. You might also offer to help an elderly or disabled owner afford desperately needed veterinary care for their pet. In fact, if you know someone who needs and can’t afford veterinary care for their dog, do it!


#1 Humane Legislative Fund  ~  #2 TheCavalryGroup  ~  #3 USA Today; Surrendered Pets EST 2002 © 20S12$-to-help-pet-owners-st20FF12.asp





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