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Breeding dogs for pit fighting still goes on as does the practice of genetically creating roosters and bulls to fight each other to submission or to the death.


July 25, 2022 Staff


Whether human or animal, watching two mighty males fight for supremacy always draws a crowd of onlookers, including humans. Boxing matches are sold out events and bull fighting is equally popular in many countries.



One website says “cockfighting dates back thousands of years.” That is true but that site erroneously blames it on “a handful of White pastors in the Bible Belt.


Being proud of fighting chickens may be questionable but being correct is important to Credentialed historians attribute cockfighting in the new America to Ferdinand Magellan who observed it in the Philippines in 1521, centuries before North America was settled. The fact is, fighting roosters goes on around the world in 2022.



Bull fighting draws immense crowds who pay dearly to see two 1500-pound creatures in combat. The winning bulls are retired to spend their days siring calves. Other bulls are castrated, turned out to pasture and end up on someone’s plate or as dog food. Somehow that doesn’t bother when we savor a great steak.


In what appears to be an effort to make us more human, in June 2022 a Mexico City judge indefinitely extended the current ban on bullfighting in Mexico City.


That ruling in favor of “animal rights” over the financial security of 9.2 million people (nearly 7 percent of the total population of Mexico) seems like animal rights extremism and it will cost $$$millions in lost tourism income to the city.


Which leads us to dog fighting and how badly many “pit bulls” are treated.



First, let us dispel the notion that pit bulls are mean or dangerous to people. Nothing could be further from the truth. All Bull breeds are “people dogs” i.e. their genetics demand it and by selection, any pit dog that shows aggression towards people is immediately put to sleep…or killed in some cheaper manner.


Every dog (in developed countries) is born with centuries of affinity for humans. It is unfathomable that all humans are not born with a deep appreciation of the animal that feeds, clothes us, protect us and loves us beyond life itself. That cannot be said about any other animal on earth.


The closest might be the Elephant’s devotion to its mahout but that is a one-on-one devotion not always transmittable to another person.



A dog will mourn its master but the canine species is unique in that it was bred and born to love, protect, serve and comfort human beings. Therefore, upon the loss of his person, a dog will, sooner or later, seek solace from another human.


That is just one of the unique characteristics of the canine.


Example: with the mother not present, imagine trying to pick up a wolf cub. It will instinctively bite in desperate self-defense. An unsocialized dog pup of the same age may vigorously try to escape but is unlikely to bite.


Purebred or mixed breed, born under the house or in the barn, a dog pup will allow you to pick it up and sensing you are a friend, it will sniff, lick, and wag its tail.


We know the thought of fighting animals turns you off but we wanted you to know dog fighting/pit fighting still goes on in America. Don’t ignore it because you don’t see it. Dig down and when you have the facts, contact your local officials, dog warden, dog rescue groups, AND your state representatives and your governor. makes it easy, 2 seconds to get your current ii Governor, Senators, and Congressional Representatives contact information. Call or email them, then hug your dog and promise you will follow through… EST 2002 Jul. 2022





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