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August 2016


Dollars In Dog Deceit!

"Hundreds of dogs" were seized from a home in Howell NJ. The Monmouth County SPCA has been all over the media asking for donations to help care for the dogs even though most of the dogs were in good condition other than fleas and overgrown nails. So what's wrong with a shelter asking for $$$ donations from the public? Well this shelter's 2013 990 form (the only one available) shows that they have over $$$ 8 MILLION dollars!!! Is that why the dogs were seized? For publicity and to generate more donations? We breeders are in the wrong business and WE get no free TV advertising! This discouraging dog news received from news hound Shirley Lawler, via Real Animal Welfare


Senator seeks to re-define "puppy mills" as NON-licensed USDA breeders.

NJ Senator Raymond Lesniak (D) wants to remove his previous ban on pet shops purchasing from commercial breeders. According to June 2016 article in Animal Law by Nancy Halpern DVM, the Senator who sponsored S63 has changed his mind. His original proposition would have "banned pet stores from purchasing from any commercial breeders" but now he says USDA licensed pet stores should be exempt. Do puppy mills have lobbyists? It appears any legislator can be persuaded.


Say Goodbye To Fleas and Ticks! Easy, inexpensive, and safe.

Did you know about diatomaceous earth? It’s cheap, not too messy, good for getting pests out of carpets, pet beds, and even your yard! The clean white “powder” is actually microscopic bits of fossil remains. It is an effective “mechanical” insecticide that cuts into the hard bodies of fleas and ticks. The good news is that it can be purchased from most farm and feed supply stores.


Brewer’s Yeast And Garlic Powder?

This is not news but in case you didn’t know… a smidgen in your dog's food keeps fleas and ticks off and double bonus, it is good for dogs! It will be hard go against commercial products but if they pay us to advertise, we’ll recommend their whole-body poison…. If not, well, we’ll just have to tell dog owners what works, costs next to nothing, and is SAFE to use.


Canine Epilepsy Is Spreading.

Do you or someone you know have a dog that has epilepsy? From maybe once a year frequency to repeated grand mal seizures? Vets may be confounded but there’s a site that is chock full of help for both owners and veterinarians. We are honored to tell subscribers about and the EPIL-K9 All Breed Canine Epilepsy List. Founded in 1999, it has become the leading authority for easy-to-understand information.


International Puppy Smuggling Trade:

There’s so much concern about illegal immigrants that the news media is missing a serious health risk that is inhumane to dog owners. Drug runners have been caught smuggling live animals into the U.S. with bags of heroin implanted in inside their bodies.


In a reverse pet smuggling racket, some years ago, police in Columbia South America discovered Rottweiler and Labrador Retriever puppies with bags of heroin implanted inside them by a Colombian veterinarian! He “surgically implanted bags of drugs into the dogs’ abdominal cavities”, allowed incisions to heal over, then send them to the U.S. The bags of drugs apparently failed to show up on x-ray but an ultrasound revealed peculiar shapes inside one of the puppy’s stomach, leading officials to investigate the shipper. He was caught but three puppies are known to have died during surgery to remove the heroin. It is not known what happened to other puppies.

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