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NewsNips™ Dog Gets Stuck, Family Gets Shafted


Dog gets his head stuck in a spare tire, veterinarian unable to free the poor pup, fire department to the rescue but you gott'a see the video…


Here's how it went down. What appears to be a young Husky mix was trapped by a tire that “was on him flat and curving his neck" according to the owner, Jose Madrigal.


Mr. Madrigal tried to free the dog, making it slippery with soap and water. Failing to free the pup's head, Madrigal did the right thing by taking the pup to the vet.


The veterinary service failed to free the dog so they called the fire department. You may have seen the TV series Chicago Fire… Think about what they do for the tiny amount you pay in property taxes. The video below tells the story and shows tire and rim safely removed.


The fire department deserves a hug and the veterinary practice gets free publicity worth ten times the $2600 vet bill the owner got.


Speaking of it... Most fire stations have a canine mascot. Dalmatians used to ride on the fire truck. In 1910 the Westminster Dog Show had a class for Fire Department Dalmatians.


Watch the 52 second video of how they got the dog's head out of the tire! Haven't been to the world's first collection of dog-related videos? 


You are going to love Video Theater! Go to the theater lobby to see "What's Playing" at what will be your favorite "place" for videos about dogs and other animals.

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