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Covid-19 dominated network news until the nationwide riots began with masked marauders and not a germ in sight! Will they be sick next week?


June 8, 2020


Have we fallen victim to a psychological attack as surely as if we were bombed? Being imprisoned in our homes for weeks weakens us physically and (more important) psychologically. Not so long ago this was called germ warfare!


Dragons Lair made an astute observation – “If indeed the masks and or gloves were trapping the COVID-19 virus supposedly in the air, then why are there no red hazardous waste bins all over for mask/gloves disposal?


Good question but many more are emerging. The virus is airborne so clothes would be contaminated. That means “everyone should undress and bathe in hot water & disinfectant before entering their house.” This would also apply to getting in a car.


Does COVID-19 cause irrational behavior? Like burning and smashing up your neighborhood? Fortunately, the protests turned peaceable but one has to wonder if any of these people work and if so, will they spread the infection to co-workers?


Purchase items… should be disinfected before taking in your home & your vehicle to be completely disinfected?” More irrefutable logic… if stores are infected “why are we not told to self-quarantine for 14 days after each time we venture out? reported a possible treatment for what was then ‘the Wuhan flu’ i.e. “University researchers in Melbourne Australia report that Ivermectin appears to be effective at inhibiting the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.


Why are we not hearing about that or any other potential preventative or cure? Do the protestors know something we don’t know? And do any of them have pets or children and if so, who takes care of them while they have a protest party?


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