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Did the Covid-19 virus accidentally escape from a research lab in China or do new facts and video reveal reason to worry about germ warfare AND control of the press?


September 1, 2021

NetPlaces Network Staff Research Compilation


In January 2001 we warned “Lyme disease infects humans but doctors may not recognize symptoms of this war-weapon developed to be spread by ticks, if you have a pet, you are at risk…” ~



Indeed, the common tick has been engineered into a bioweapon and one of the predominant examples is of course, Lyme Disease.


There are still some news organizations NOT controlled by China but in 2021, the consensus among the cognizant is “China pays” or as one reporter quipped “chopsticks hurt…” So before we look at COVID-19 and it origins, let us understand what has happened to a majority of newspapers and TV news today.


Reuters, the gold standard in news and a major source for most news outlets, reported “The United States said on Monday it will start treating four major Chinese media outlets as foreign embassies, alleging they are mouthpieces for Beijing, in a move that is likely to further sour already fraught ties between the world’s top two economies.


That was June 2020 during the Trump administration but independent news professionals are again muttering about germ warfare as an insidiously effective war weapon. This isn’t exactly news.


In June 2021 Economic Times said “An issue which needs to be discussed at length is whether Covid-19 is a mere virus having a natural origin or has it been developed in a lab.{Ref #1}


It wouldn’t be the first time “Germ Warfare” has been used. In January 2001 reported on the Plum Island biological warfare research and development center just off the Connecticut shore… Shortly after TheDogPress covered the risk, complete with video, the biological research center at “Plum Island” was moved to Kansas where it should be in “full operation in 2022.”


Offsite References and Related Biological Warfare Information:

{1} The Economic Times re “Covid-19 China’s bioweapon warfare…”
Nat. Institute Of History Of Biological Warfare

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