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Your dog’s risk for Leaping Lepto, more dogs shot by police, Ridgebacks have gene to help human epilepsy, Milk Thistle for female dogs, and your Parent Breed Club.


Leaping Lepto – A wet winter led to under-reported cases of Leptospirosis which multiplies in standing water, just like mosquito larvae. Not to panic. Most veterinarians would agree that your dog is more likely to be infected by mosquito-carried heartworm disease than he is to pick up lepto bacteria from stepping in a puddle.


However… there are 21 known species of Leptospira bacteria which many veterinary authorities admit may not be covered by vaccination. Symptoms of Leptospirosis infection include fatigue, lack of appetite, excessive thirst which leads to noticeably frequent urination. It should be noted that humans are susceptible to Leptospirosis, as happened in a recent outbreak of Lepto in New York. Symptoms are flu-like in humans.


Leptospirosis bacteria is spread through urine so one press writer, obviously not a dog owner, intoned “If you are walking your dog try to prevent him from sniffing or drinking from puddles.


You might also try teaching him to fly! The most effective prevention for leptospirosis infection is to make sure it’s included in your dog’s basic immunization shots.  Candid info on Leptospirosis and Lepto vaccine.


No Rights For Pit Bull Dogs!

Erie, PA Just yesterday there was a questionable pit bull shooting by a police officer. News blurbs led readers to believe it was “just another pit bull attack” but took time to watch the video (offsite) that accompanied the story. We are the first to honor and support law enforcement but this story leads one to believe there was “more to the story.”  In Dec 2016 a federal court ruled that a police officer can shoot a dog “if it barks or moves” when officers enter a suspect’s house. This occurred after police in Battle Creek, Michigan, shot two pit bulls while raiding a possible drug dealer. Police face murderers and violent criminals every day and they don’t shoot them…


In another incident on 2/28/16, Philadelphia Police shot two dogs in Fairmount Park after the dogs were suspected of attacking a woman. Obviously there was doubt in that case but the dogs were not impounded pending investigation.  Both dogs, believed to be pitbull terriers, were still alive after being shot. Local News reported the dogs were taken to the Pennsylvania SPCA for treatment. Thank you SPCA!


On The Other Hand... Also in February, A/P reported “Philadelphia police say two pit bulls have mauled and critically injured a 96-year-old woman.” The dogs were taken into custody while police search for the owners. Neighbors have been quoted as saying the dogs “appeared to be aggressive in the past” but it is not known whether the dogs had previously bitten or attacked anyone. The elderly lady was sweeping the alley behind her house when the loose dogs attacked her “biting her head and face repeatedly.” She was admitted to Einstein Medical Center “in extremely critical condition.


Parent Clubs - How to promote the breed you represent. Many national parent breed clubs do little for the struggling breeders who pay dues every year. While some breeds suffer from over-popularity, others just don’t get much help in attracting potential pet seekers. This just in from Shirley Lawler who reports on Bulldogs that received international fame, thanks to Erick Hernandez, an innovative organizer who brought together 951 Bulldoggers in Mexico City! Authorities report 2,000 people attended the event. Data from the 2017 event will be sent to the Guinness organization for official certification of the record. More (offsite)


Ridgebacks That Rescue Human Epileptics - University of Helsinki research groups have found a myoclonic epilepsy in dogs and identified its genetic cause. The study reveals a “novel candidate gene for human myoclonic epilepsies, one of the most common forms of epilepsy.” As a result, a genetic test was developed for veterinary diagnostics and breeding programs. Taking it a step further, Veterinarian Fiona James and her colleagues found a genetic mutation in Rhodesian Ridgebacks that's associated with epileptic seizure. This gene could help scientists understand a similar condition in humans. Dr. James developed backpacks with electrodes to capture brain-wave activity, revealing a genetic defect similar to human juvenile myoclonic syndrome. (multiple offsite sources including University of Helsinki and Science Daily)


Healthy Herbs for Pets or People:

Dog owners know dogs love garlic but did you know garlic has a long history of healing, especially as an antiviral? Crushed or thin-cut garlic cloves generate a sulfur compound called allicin which also has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Allicin is only found in raw garlic so be sure to add it at the end of cooking in order to tap its medicinal power. Powdered garlic added as a top dressing to dog food is a healthy appetite stimulant.


Ginseng has been proven in clinical studies as a “safe, natural means for preventing acute respiratory illness.” It can be taken in capsule form or prepared as tea by pouring boiling water (1 cup to 1 tsp dried ginseng) and allow to steep as with any other tea. Siberian ginseng is not related to Panax ginseng but has similar immune system boosting properties. Your dogs will find it uninteresting but they will be glad you don’t catch the flu or if you do, that you know how to speed recovery!

Milk Thistle helps bitches deliver their litters and promotes lactation. Just a tiny pinch of the dried herb in her food bowl during the last few weeks will work. It has also been clinically proven by thousands of hepatitis C patients who have successfully avoided interferon and other debilitating drugs. Don’t take our word for it, read Judge Martin’s column, Milk Thistle, The Herb That Loves Us.



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