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Monoclonal Antibodies For COVID-19


You may not hear about monoclonal antibodies for COVID 19 unless you are in Florida where Governor Ron DeSantis is praising AstraZeneca.


In October 2021 he said on national TV “Florida has administered over 130,000 monoclonal antibody treatments, saving thousands of people from being admitted to the hospital.” It didn't make mainstream news...



Governor Desantis repeated the message again on Fox News in late December. Why are you not hearing this from medical professionals like your family doctor??!! Is it the cost? Is your medical insurance provider guilty of suppressing this “critical” good news?


Surely your health insurance provider and the pharmaceutical providers want you to know about ii monoclonal antibodies.


Monoclonal antibodies info should be blazing across all social media and internet sites.


Let’s be clear. Governor DeSantis did not say monoclonal antibodies would prevent or cure COVID 19. But it has been shown to statistically shorten the duration and severity of symptoms resulting from COVID 19 infection.


One of our subscribers who is in the medical field pointed out the money-math-path. If you have health insurance… with the cost of COVID care and ever-higher hospitalization costs, it has proven to be a very profitable disease.


But that only made sense if there is no cure for COVID nor any way to prevent getting it. If Florida physicians and Governor DeSantis are right, there is a TREATMENT! We’re not parsing words here. Neither are we under-reporting nor over-stating this startling news…


We, staff, are not doctors although some of our writers are indeed medical doctors or veterinarians. This just makes sense and the whole U.S. is finding great respect for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. is told that “Monoclonal antibodies for COVID-19 may block the virus that causes COVID-19 from attaching to human cells…” That significant fact makes it a lot harder for COVID to replicate and make you sick.


The FDA site says you should “cover your mouth” and “get the COVID-19 vaccine” etc. As of late December we found nothing about monoclonal antibodies as regards COVID-19. We found stuff like this… “Monoclonal antibodies are laboratory-produced molecules that act as substitute antibodies that can restore, enhance or mimic the immune system's attack on cells.Ref FDA-corona virus 2019


It appears that was the first public website to cover the origin of what is now called COVID-19. In early 2020 we dubbed it The Wuhan Flu… That was not without reason.


Let’s hope we are not the first to cover AstraZeneca and advances in the cure and prevention of COVID-19. EST 2002 © Dec 2021





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