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Is there an un-reported shortage of purebred pets in America or are dogs like toys and medicine, just another imported Chinese commodity?


December 8, 2020

Stella Starr, Pet Perspectives


Americans ‘pay the price’ every day in all kinds of ways from America’s import-export imbalance with China. You know about China’s increasing power over us with medicines but when I read that we are importing MUTT DOGS from China, I thought it was an internet hoax!



But no, it is true, according to the credible New York Post in a November 2020 headline. Beyond the implications I have to ask why no dog publication has run the story? There are 2 big questions here having nothing to do with Chinese imports and trade balances.


The Post is a major newspaper but so are TheDogPress professional dog-reporters and why haven’t we heard about importing mutts from an enemy state? And a bigger question is are purebred dogs in such short supply that we import them as though they were bags of rice?


The Post said “A plane-load of dogs who were “rescued from being killed for China’s canine meat trade landed at JFK Airport Friday…” The live link is below so you can go read it if you want to. But you get the point —


WHY is America importing mongrels from China????


Dogs outnumber all other animals destroyed in American “animal shelters”. My heart aches for all those trusting, helpless dogs we slaughter. If cats were not so much harder to catch, I’m sure there would be even more cats killed here in America.


I’ve got to say this – we make money off of “saving the animals.” I’ve been to some of those countries. Yes, there are a lot of stray animals but disease and human consumption keeps them within manageable limits. I know, that is sad but is it any worse than chasing them, scaring them to death, imprisoning them in a slippery cage, and then “mercifully” killing them?


The editor taught me how to look up stuff and discard what she calls internet “hit-bait” stuff from factual information. So I think this Post report on the “fur-ever home” filed 11/27/20 is accurate.


Two things got me thinking. Airline weight limits include the dog’s size to “35 centimeters” on these free flights. So how do you “big dog” people feel about that? But the big question mark is that the newspaper doesn’t say why they are importing dogs when American shelters are killing them because they are too full.


Now that I think about it, I’m sure the first ones killed must be what they call ‘large breeds’ so how do you Great Dane people feel about that?


The newspaper said No Dogs Left Behind is the group that organized this ongoing importation. They “operate a shelter in Beijing” and the guy who runs it said “34 survivors have landed…


I guess it depends on how deeply you think about it but to me it makes no sense. Praise the airlines but they are well “paid” in terms of great publicity. If one dog is saved it could be considered a worthy effort but I just can’t get excited about flying in dogs from China when we have thousands of dogs barely surviving in our own back alleys.




We are not going to change China’s “meat trade” in dogs. They eat dogs and that’s that. They even have a “Dog Meat Festival” and I read that over “over 10 million dogs and 4 million cats, are slaughtered for the dog meat trade each year.{Ref #1}


Is it that they prefer dog meat or it is just plentiful and cheap in China. I sympathize with hungry people but Dr. Lee’s column about China raising St. Bernards for meat because they are bigger and grow to slaughter size made me sick!


I don’t understand politics but I know where my money goes. I try to “buy American” and this makes me feel like a fool. Buying the lives of small dogs and leaving the big ones to starve or be sold for food makes me more conscious of how UNBALANCED our trade, our society, and our respect for all animals can be!


Thank you to the airlines and to the people who do the dirty work. I see no solution but my eyesight isn’t as good as it once was. If any of you out there have any ideas on how to do more here at home for homeless pets, I know TheDogPress would like to hear it.


Do we still have active rescue groups here that actually take care of pet animals and find them homes? Don’t get me wrong, I love horses and other large animals but they are a challenge to rescue and care for.


And what I can’t understand is this - there are millions of pets HERE who need our help so what is it that drives people to IMPORT animals to save???


Reference and Related Article: {#1} NY Post rescued from being killed ~ Facts about the dog meat trade in China EST 2002 © 20S12





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