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Quarrels With Quarantine


COVID-19 is wreaking havoc with dog show judges, exhibitors and kennel club finances, plus breeders can’t ship puppies, and many veterinarians and buyers are quarantined!


April 14, 2020

NetPlaces Network Staff



The has complaints from judges and dog show clubs regarding “overkill” quarantine in upper Midwest states which are low risk for COVID 19. Indeed, this virus affects the exhibitors and judges who booked non-refundable flights or made other types of complex travel arrangements. Airports look empty!


In fact, COVID 19 may prove fatal to dog clubs that count on entries and parking fees to support their educational work.


For dog owners and judges who have asked if coronavirus was “spread by dogs” and “Can I catch it from my dog?” and if it “got loose from a bad vaccine?”, the answers are “No”, “No” and “Probably not”. The Illinois College Of Veterinary Medicine stated “Experts believe that dogs and cats are not easily infected with this virus, and the risk of transmission to humans is negligible compared to the risk of human-to-human transmission.


As of mid-April the CDC and other health authorities concur “there is no evidence that a companion animal has transmitted the virus that causes COVID-19 to a person.” On the other hand… in early March reported Dr. Peter Daszak said “We don’t know the source yet, but there’s pretty strong evidence that this is a bat origin coronavirus.


What to do about veterinary appointments? Postpone unless critical. Diane Freeman, a long-time subscriber reports “The vets here are still doing business but they aren't doing any elective surgeries and the buildings are closed, so when you get an appointment, you have to call and say that you are in the parking lot and then a tech comes out to take your dog into the building to see the doctor.


Bat-to-human transmission certainly sounds like COVID-19 is zoonotic (contagious between animals and humans) but The NetPlaces Network Science and Advisory Board reports no evidence of zoonosis. In fact, there is now growing suspicion that COVID-19 is the result of international germ warfare. So hug your dog, stroke your cat, and tell the parrot to shut up.


For subscribers who have questioned quarantine: CDC's authority to exercise quarantine and isolation powers for specific diseases derives from the federal Public Health Service Act {Ref #1} and most recently, a series of Presidential Executive Orders {Ref #2} issued under the Federal Register Communicable Diseases Act {Ref #3}. Federal quarantine and isolation powers apply to “cholera; diphtheria; infectious tuberculosis; plague; smallpox; yellow fever; viral hemorrhagic fevers” as well as “flu viruses that are causing, or have the potential to cause, a pandemic” and certainly, that all applies to COVID-19.


While you are home, it is a good time to catch up on being prepared for the unexpected.


Reference Information: {1} Federal Public Health Service Act ~ {2} Executive Order ~ {3} Quarantinable Communicable Diseases EST 2002 © 2000





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