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Support Police K9 EMS Bill


Police dogs protect you and your city but if shot or injured, the dog may die waiting for emergency veterinary transport! Share and support K9 EMS in your state.



This appears to have been posted by: Gregory Hoyt in mid-April.

A bill drafted in Massachusetts aims to see police K9s that wind up getting injured in the course of their duties transported by EMS responders. The bill in question is S.1431, also known as “Nero’s Law,” {Ref #1} which was reportedly introduced by Massachusetts Representative Steven Xiarhos.


Boston Cops Propose Law That Would Allow Emergency Responders to Transport Injured Police Dogs {Ref #2}


The original name “Nero’s Law” can be changed and our legislative consultants suggest uniformity and a more explicit title. NetPlaces Network legal advisors say the bill’s title should specify “Police Dog” or “Police K-9s” to avoid delaying success of the bill through it being debated, conflated or diminished by dog lovers trying to include all service dogs. (As in S.2423 & H.2547)


To move quickly through your state legislature (especially when “politics” and elections are current news) the name and purpose needs to be clear. We are told “The name “Nero’s Law” comes from a police K9 bearing the same namesake, who was seriously injured in a 2018 incident where K9 Nero survived, but his handler Yarmouth Police Sergeant Sean Gannon did not.


It is noble to honor the dog that spurred this legislative action but knowing dog clubs and legislators, debate over a specific dog’s name is sure to slow the process.


“Humane Transportation of K9 Partners” has been suggested by EMS first responders, but NetPlaces Network consultants suggest it could be introduced to include all service dogs, accelerant-detection dogs and search-and-rescue dogs.


That is up to your state’s dog clubs and legislators but this bill needs to be acted upon swiftly and without dissent. No person could object to the need and intent of such legislative action so the NetPlaces Science and Advisory Board hopes it will not get bogged down in debate…


Importantly, was asked to clarify that the bill should “…allow EMS responders the authority to perform life-saving measures like “opening and manually maintaining an airway,” “give mouth-to-snout or mouth-to-barrier ventilation,” and “administer oxygen” and “immobilize fractures.


Subscriber-reporter Dragons Lair sent this proposed Massachusetts bill that should be introduced in every state. YOU can help by hard-mailing your Congressional representatives and encouraging everyone you know, in particular (!) all dog clubs in your area to do likewise.


Simply click the "Share This Article" button below when contacting your friends, clubs, and state representatives. They need to know and support the moral and legal significance of this Massachusetts bill that would allow injured police K9s to be transported by EMS.


Reference and Related Information: {1} Nero's Law - Bill S.1431 ~ {#2} ~ Law Enforcement Today, police k9s


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