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The Role Of Veterinary Technicians


More people, more pets and what animals do for us, both psychologically and in boosting overall human health is incalculable. Ditto for who you see at the vet’s office!


March 29, 2023 |

TheDogPress Staff compiled from VCA and NAVC


We received interesting information on what vet-techs do for both animals and human clients.



Pictured above are VCA co-founders Neil Tauber, Robert Antin and Arthur Antin. The VCA was started in 1986 and is a family of hometown animal hospitals committed to making a positive impact for pets, people, and our communities.” ~ VCA Animal Hospitals.


Gone are the days when you will automatically see the veterinarian you came to see. In fact, he or she is probably retired or only comes in a few hours per week.


If you’ve been to your family doctor lately, you probably saw a PA, physician’s assistant. You didn’t know that? You just thought your doctor was with another patient when in fact, he or she was on the golf course or “on vacation.”


America has grown faster than weeds in your garden but that’s “another story” so let’s stick to what concerns you as a dog breeder or pet owner.


The following information was received from our friends at VCA Animal Hospitals, one of the largest and most distinguished “chain” veterinary services. (link below)


“Nationwide, animal owners spend more than $31 billion/year on their pet’s healthcare and that number is projected to increase 33% over the next ten years. To meet the growing demand, one solution is to better leverage the expertise of these key members of the veterinary practice: veterinary nurses/technicians. Key facts are that nearly half of pet owners are unaware of the lifesaving and life-enhancing roles credentialed veterinary nurses and technicians play in the care of their pets according to a recent survey of U.S. pet owners.


Some key misconceptions discovered in the survey include:


    • 47% of pet owners do not know that the role of the credentialed veterinary nurse/technician includes performing medical tasks and procedures


    • 73% believe their role is cleaning cages, removing animal waste, feeding or grooming pets


    • 63% of pet owners do not know that credentialed vet nurses/techs are the animal healthcare equivalent of registered nurses



Building stronger relationships between veterinary technicians and pet owners improves care for pets. That is one of the reasons industry leaders, the NAVC and VCA ANIMAL HOSPITALS, with support from the National Association Of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA), have partnered to build a greater understanding and use of veterinary nurses and technicians.


Visit VCA Animal Hospitals and North American Veterinary Community for more information. EST 2002 © Mar 2023





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