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In Memory of Ellen Anton


She was ‘just a pet owner’ but every dog breeder, exhibitor or judge needs to take a deep breath and THINK!


February 28, 2022

Barbara J. Andrews, SAAB Member


Ellen Anton represents millions of dedicated pet owners who didn’t plan it but found dogs added to their already wonderful life. Ellen was mother to Denise Smith who with her husband Dr. Stephen Smith, worked crazy hospital hours. Ellen lived close and volunteered to care for their puppy.



That arrangement allowed me to know Ellen as a “dog person” and we became close phone-friends. She was one of the most intelligent and intuitive people I've ever known. Her tongue was as sharp as her mind but her sensitivity always dominated.


Ellen's obituary mentions that she had managed her husband’s law practice and that she loved Disney World but notably that “She was a loving grandmother and animal lover. “Nana” lived a life of constant animal adoptions and care and always had a varied menagerie in her home. Her favorite obsession of late was Toy Fox Terriers, and “Glimmer” was her constant companion since 2016.


I wish for every dedicated breeder, the gift of someone like Ellen Anton. She was a joy and inspiration to all who knew her. God is blessed.


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