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In Memory of Anne Clark


Anne Hone Rogers Clark passed away Dec. 20, 2007.  After 3 days in emergency care they started dialysis, but Annie ordered her doctor to stop, that she was going home to die on her own terms.  She went home to Betsy, an RN friend who has looked after Annie during her illness.



Tribute by Vickie Haywood, Oakwood Poodles


A hospital bed was set up at Betsy's home in Wilmington, DE and her dearest friends came all through the weekend.  Annie was lucid and in control.  She was an only child and had no children of her own, but had so many loyal friends to comfort her.


As Judge Margaret Mickelson said, "Her family consists of her many friends and the dog show world.  Most people around today only know Annie as a judge... some of us remember her as a handler, and some of us have even had her in our rings as an exhibitor.  In any case, once she is gone, there will be very few icons left in our little dog world.


Mrs. James Edward Clark fought bravely but typical Annie, when she spoke with Tom Bradley Saturday night, she told him she was "annoyed that it was taking so long."  God must have heard her.  Annie left for a better place at 6:15.


Her triumphs and the legacy she leaves will not go unnoticed by the media.  Annie wrote about the sport in the Wall Street Journal last year and it would be only fitting that her passing is noted in the same way as any great sports legend.


Annie was considered a great poodle authority whose judgment and advice was sought by breeders, handlers, and other judges.  She will be greatly missed. EST 2002 © 0712


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