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In Memory of Joseph E. Gregory


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AKC All-Breeds judge Joe Gregory of Simpsonville, Kentucky passed away January 17, 2022 at 94 years old.


For those who remember Joe Gregory as a handler, he hadn't changed much. “The Boxer Guy” started handling client dogs in 1949 after serving in WWII. He founded the famous Cloverdown kennel which set many AKC show ring records. He was a much sought-after "AKC licensed handler" with a knack for style and presentation of showdogs.



He retired from handling in 1966 when he married Mamie Reynolds, the daughter of Bob Reynolds, U.S. Senator from North Carolina. Mamie grew up with dogs and horses and began showing dogs when she was only 8 years old. The sport lost a huge supporter when Mamie died in 2015.


Joe Gregory became an AKC judge in 1967. Significantly, although today AKC judges’ numbers are six digits, his judges number was 851. He was quiet-spoken, easy-going, good-looking, well-dressed, and incredibly talented, a true "dog man" and "southern gentleman" who quickly became a judging legend. The NetPlaces Network was honored to be granted an Exclusive Interview. {Ref #1}


Multi-Group AKC judge Joe Gregory was offically approved as an AKC All Breeds Judge in the seventies and in 2017, was honored by AKC for his 50 years of dedication to the sport of purebred dogs. His daughter Evalyn "Ev" Gregory (also an AKC judge) presented him with the award. {Ref #2}


He will be remembered as a gifted judge who often helped a novice "square up" a dog's stacked pose but more than anything, Joe Gregory appreciated and awarded a dog that was "built right" and could therefore move right and free pose.


Joe Gregory and his family are and will remain icons in the dog fancy. Mamie, Joe, and now daughter Evalyn will be remembered as among the greatest supporters of purebred dogs.


“My mom and dad are/have been my world. They lived and loved life to its fullest, but unselfishly always had enough room to share it with me and with others. They were my best friends and I was theirs-to the end.” ~ Evalyn Gregory


Reference Information {1} 2006 Exclusive Interview {2} 2017 Tribute to Joe Gregory EST 2002 © Feb 2022





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