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In Memory of Lt. Col. Wallace H. Pedé

the effect is that the dog world will never be the same...


Lt. Colonel Wallace H. Pedé, founder of the Senior Conformation Judges Association, passed away in his sleep January 31st, 2021. Wally was 97 but ageless in spirit.


Wally Pedé, with Mel Downing, Joe Gregory and other longtime prominent dog people, founded the Senior Conformation Judges Association in his living room in Springfield, VA in the 1980s. The SCJA is proud of the many changes to the dog show world that, through Wally’s leadership, spearheaded judging education and protocol, from ring procedure to hands-on training, while famously assisting judges in addressing issues with AKC judging approval and discipline.


Col. Pedé, always the great organizer and educator, also formed the American Canine Education Foundation and launched hands-on teaching schools.



He rarely talked about his war time service but his unconscious position of ‘Standing at Parade Rest’ while studying the dogs in his show ring was iconic.


Wally, or “The Colonel” as he was best known, with his wife Kay, was the breeder of the famous Scheherezade Afghan Hounds behind so many pedigrees beginning in the 1950s. Winner of the Group at Crufts while stationed in England with the Air Force, he went on to produce numerous champions and famous top dogs of the ‘60s and ‘70s.


The call from Karen Sawyer, Wally’s Executive Assistant, was not unexpected but it was no less impactful. We shared many memories and even a few laughs as we both struggled with a flood of memories. Yeah, Wally would’ve liked that…and underlying every “Wally story” was the knowledge that he had ‘been there, done that’…


Warrior unmatched, he commanded his dog show ring with calm control. He was a stickler for rules and discipline. A “hound man” who appreciated soundness and a big side gait, Wally could quote the AKC Breed Standard of every breed he judged.


“The Colonel” could not be intimidated and woe be to any who thought he could be compromised. His integrity was a lesson in honor.



Time marches on but the NetPlaces Network hopes that you will honor Wally's unmatched integrity, his love of the sport and respect for the AKC Breed Standards.  Other primary officers of the Senior Conformation Judges Association ( are Chris Abraham, Executive Director and Stacey Davis, Treasurer.


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Visit VIDEO THEATER for Col. Pedé's NBC Interview on VE Day May 8th, 2015. Read 2017 "Lt. Col. Wallace H. Pedé, AKC Judge Emeritus" and Col. Pedé, distinguished SAAB Member EST 2002 © 21S02



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