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Graham passed away late Tuesday night, Jan 4th 2022, a week short of his 91st birthday after suffering a series of strokes.



Graham told a friend, Alan Bush, in October 2021, that he had suffered a stroke and that during the same time period he also had to have his dog euthanized (reason not given) but that he was home recovering. Unfortunately, after going back th the hospital, Graham passed away late Tuesday night, Jan 4th 2022 from another stroke and pneumonia.


Clive Mabbutt, Graham's son requested that Sally Onetto, another family friend, share this with us... "Please would you be kind enough to share news of Dad's passing to his American friends for me. There will be so many whose lives he touched, particularly those who shared his passion for dogs of all breeds." She also let us know that Graham's wife Judy, was also in the hospital from an infection, so please send well wishes her way.


Clive emailed NetPlaces Network, January 18th to tell us.. "Thank you for being friends to Dad... his funeral will be a family affair when Judy is well enough to attend. Kind regards & best wishes..."


Graham has written many wonderful articles for the NetPlaces Network sites, the author of "A Passion For Dogs" which is still available and one who considered himself a Cynologist (one that specializes in the care and training of dogs), we would like to share some of his articles here:


Competing In Barn Hunt, A Bit About Judging Dogs,


Judge And Be Judged, Train By Correcting, Not Punishment


Graham’s private/family Order Of Service provided by his son Clive. EST 2002 © Jan 2022





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