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My Tribute To Brenda, Lundehunds And Icies

the effect is that the dog world will never be the same...

by Sherry L. Shivley, Journalist Award Winner


How do you honor someone when they pass on? Someone too young to have died? Someone who had a big impact on your life and your dog showing career?


Do you give the usual background about family? Yes, Brenda Solomon came from a very large family of 11 children, and came to Colorado from Marshalltown IA.


Do you write about her bereaved husband and children? She and Randy just celebrated their 42nd anniversary in November. Their children JD and Kindra will be lost without her.


Should I share her many accomplishments? There is not enough room for me to begin to share all, so here is a fraction of what she has done- Brenda was at the FIRST Buckhorn Valley Kennel Club meeting with her Mother Shelby who gave the showing bug to Brenda. She has been a 4-H leader, mentor, friend and driving force behind our successful clubs, shows and new ventures.


Icelandic SheepdogShe loved bringing in new breeds to show in AKC and UKC. When she lived just down the road from me she had Schipperkes and Belgian Tervurens. Once on the Front Range of Colorado she added Norwegian Elkhounds, Buhunds, Lundehunds and her current love- Icelandic Sheepdogs.


Casper, a Lundehund, was one of her favorite dogs- “The Ghost You Never Saw Coming” is now enjoying fame in Great Britain having won Crufts. He has sired Champions there and she felt great Pride knowing that one of her own won big and made history overseas.


This lady was a Friend to all- with energizer bunny stamina and a constant smile. She encouraged dog show newbies to keep after it, and gave pointers. She received her Judges approval and her name tag shortly after Christmas.


She and husband Randy helped formed the Trail Ridge UKC Club and put on wonderful shows every spring. She would be the first to say SHE did not start the club, others did, but this small dynamo kept all the balls in the air and everyone happy year after year. It is an outside show, so you never knew what weather you would have- Last Spring brought torrential rain and tornados. The shows went on no matter what!


LundehundYet so much was left unfinished with her passing- Helping her daughter train and show her new pup. Upcoming Plum Creek and Colorado Kennel Club shows. A new litter of Icies on the way. Their UKC show moving to a new venue.


This is the way of someone living life every day. They move forward and make plans. They make the most of each day as though it is their last.


A Celebration of Brenda Solomon’s life was held at the Island Grove Park in Greeley CO February 25, 2017 at the Events Center where she had shown her dogs so many times. Judges, fellow exhibitors, friends and family filled the room with love for this tiny but mighty woman. There was the sadness of loss, but also laughter from memories, and hope that healing had begun.


Brenda Solomon left us because of a brain aneurysm January 10, 2017. If you did not know her, you missed out on a great lady. She was full of fun, love and knowledge. Brenda was an ongoing student, taking college classes. She was an avid and talented artist in photography, painting and glasswork. Brenda called herself Mama Bear and defended her family from anyone daring to hurt feelings or belittle in any way...


Please say a prayer for her Family and the dogs she loved. EST 2002 © 1706


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