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Best Burglar Alarm And Home Security Is A Dog!


NetPlaces Network cites critical statistical reasons why a dog is proven to be the safest, most reliable home-invasion and theft protection.


April 19, 2021 update |


Survey response was excellent on what are the best and most reliable measures for home security in the Alarm or Dog For Home Security Safety Survey. Results were split between poison-proofed and trained attack dogs but clearly, a dog was considered more effective against home intrusion or robbery than other protection options.


Skilled burglars can disarm any alarm system but even if they use pepper spray, your dog will have alerted you. Alarm systems have a back-up feature but they are not mobile and your dog can't be silently disarmed by even the most professional thief.


A barking dog is an effective deterrent to a robber and an aggressive or attack-trained dog gives you time to call the police.


Your canine burglar alarm can not be silenced if he is poison-proofed. Even a totally untrained dog will challenge a stranger who is "sneaking around." Dogs are incredibly attuned to body language, that you know to be true!


If you are a medicated sleeper who might not hear your neighbor's or your own outside dog barking, you can be sure your house dog will hear that and react by also barking. Even if you are deaf and live alone, your personal dog will instinctively paw at you or jump on the bed to awaken you.


To put your mind totally at ease, enlist a professional trainer, a friend, or a neighbor to test-train the dog.


A professional trainer will poison-proof the dog and insure even a breed that is normally quiet will bark at an intruder.


Most outside dogs are like an alarm system, exposed. But unlike an electronic system, a dog isn’t “installed” and can be anywhere. That is a tactical problem for a robber, or depending on who you are, a hired killer...


If the trained dog is absolutely, dependably poison-proof, even a little barker will discourage an intruder. While professional burglars know how to disarm a system or handle a human guard, they also know that a barking dog of any size is likely to rouse neighbors as well as owners. And a barking dog isn’t stationary!  A poison-proofed dog cannot be disarmed. To shoot the dog would rouse everyone. The only choice for an intruder or assailant is to move on. Quickly!


A burglar alarm that can be disarmed gives a false sense of security.

A burglar alarm wired into local police protection is ideal provided that connection is fail-safe, i.e. any attempt to disarm the device automatically sounds an audible LOUD alarm. Be sure to ascertain that capability or the security system is useless. Then consider how long it would take police to arrive…


A gun you can only use legally after an assailant is in your home?

A gun is great if you are absolutely sure children can’t/won’t access it, you have taken a firearms course, and you practice on a firing range often enough to be calm, capable and comfortable in its use.


A professional security guard who could be bribed or compromised?

The security guard option is questionable simply because humans can be corrupted. A trained dog or professional alarm system is much more reliable if you can be sure they are tamper proof. Ah, and therein lies the key.


Here are some select comments by our subscribers:


Cheri F said "I've never been broken into, knock on wood. Everyone in town knows I have a Rottweiler and any stranger coming to my home will soon see all my Rottweiler statues and cute garden signs."


Teresa H said "I've never been broken into because she has a barking dog."


Cheri T said "I've never been broken into because even toy breeds will dissuade an intruder."


(Judge's name withheld by request) Take Our Guns Take our Dogs... "I've been a subscriber for a long time because I believe in political freedom. I am always saying the animal rights movement is a tool to destroy all our rights, like the right to bear arms. Reading your mail call, there was one guy said law-abiding people have guns and are not violent. I agree. I would rather see the blame placed where it belongs with a criminal. We should call it criminal violence not gun violence.

     I would bet if you guys could do a survey you would find that crime against dog owners is just about as low as it is against gun owners. I would bet that the attempted break-in rate is lower when people have a dog. An intruder can hear or see a dog. They have no way of knowing if you have a firearm in your house. An alarm dog is more of a deterrent against being broken into then having a gun in the closet."


Connie P said she was broken into many years ago, she had a dog but the break-in was so forcibly loud it scared the dog and Connie was also attacked. she replied "I had no gun at the time. (I do now)." She still ops for a trained attack dog.


For every potential intrusion problem there’s a canine solution. A security guard or alarm system is impressive to the neighbors but a trained guard dog is incorruptibly devoted to you. The value of that emotional support is incalculable!


If you'd like to participate in the updated 2021 survey, please go to Alarm or Dog For Home Security Safety Survey. EST 2002 © 1905





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