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National Service Dog Day


Will you support July 3rd as National Service Dog Day (NSDD) to honor all Assistance and Therapy dogs as well as Police, Sentry, Search and Rescue dogs?


June 30, 2020


In May ran High Flight {Ref #1} by Judge Katie Gammill. That generated emails about Memorial Day and Armed Forces Day, both of which honor America’s service men and women. One of our columnists said there should be a day for ALL dogs that make life livable for veterans. As the conversation progressed, we wondered…



How many people are NOT among America’s suicide statistics because of their dog? has a plan and we need your help. We want to formally honor what Service Dogs do for people. With a combined subscriber-reader base of 1.2 million people, the NetPlaces Network hereby invites other credible websites join us in lobbying for a National Service Dog Day, NSDD. A phone poll of our writers and affiliates confirmed July 3rd as an appropriate date.


Americans are getting ready to honor America’s Declaration Of Independence and the unique opportunities afforded to both natural-born and legal immigrants. We are not only the most accepting and generous nation in the world, we are a nation that honors those who serve our country.


So think… the men and women who protect us also rely on DOGS to seek, track, apprehend, hold and subdue the enemy. Many wounded or physically challenged warriors rely on service or therapy dogs to comfort, heal, and assist them.



There are many stories about how a dog pulled a person back from the brink...but rarely do you hear what happened to a Service Dog when the owner was institutionalized or died. If the dog is young, adaptable, professionally trained, etc. it may be “recycled” back to the agency or trainer but not always… The dog may be adopted by a family member. But not always.


The love dogs give to us and the 24-7 shifts our best friends pull when we are deeply distressed has pulled thousands of people back from the brink. Deep dives into social media revealed an amazing fact: Desperate and depressed as a person may be, the realization that their dog may go hungry until he’s found by a relative or neighbor is enough to give them pause…


That said, there is no national network or organization serving Service Dogs!


Think about this; trying to make plans and provisions for what seems like your only friend has stopped countless people from taking that last step. Reaching out, getting involved in a project that requires sharing a reason for asking for “help for the dog” is the beginning of therapy that can lead to help for the owner.


There are no statistics for how many suicides have NOT happened but when all seems lost and you are all alone… there is your dog looking into your eyes, your soul.


He knows. Silently he tells you how great you are, you are his God, his reason for being… He nudges your hand, scoots closer to your leg, looks up at you. He knows something is wrong. You sigh, reach out to him and say “OK, let’s go out…”


The crisis has passed, at least for the moment.


Dr. Roberta Lee a psychology professor and SAAB Member {Ref #2} explained the truth in “having something to live for.” She said that when religious or traditional counseling seemed unhelpful, she would ask patients about a dog they once had. In a revealing number of cases, they had not or did not own a pet.


If however they had owned a pet and she could get them to talk about the animal that understood them, they could begin to relate. Speaking in the third person allowed a patient to “talk about it” so she could understand their problem. Dr. Lee did a professionally cited paper on that revealing psychological anomaly.


By now you are thinking of many more things dogs do for us so if you are in favor of a National Service Dog Day to honor all dogs who serve mankind check the box below.


We are not asking for $$$ (surprise) just your vote to get the ball rolling.  If you are a training facility willing to help dogs help people, please contact us.


{#1} High-Flight-Memorial-Day-Tribute {#2}


Related Article: National Service Dog Day Photo Contest.  If your dog assists you in routine chores, fetches objects, alerts you to visitors, and provides emotional support it is eligible for national recognition!


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