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If your dog died after eating Purina’s chicken jerky treats and you joined in the class action, do you feel that justice is being served? Or do you feel that your priceless pet is being rendered worthless by attempts to settle?


April 29, 2014

Nel Liquorman, Nutrition Editor


Purina knew in 2007 that their MADE IN CHINA chicken jerky treats were killing dogs. Yet it would appear that they quietly continued with business in their usual way until January 2013.


They then withdrew their products after the State of New York Agriculture Department found a banned-in-the-USA antibiotic in those products during routine testing and stopped the sale in that state.


Yet, the public was told that the traces of the antibiotic were not harmful to dogs. Does that make you wonder if there is more protection for bad business practices than there is for the rights of a citizen to keep his dog alive?


Does that not make you wonder just how much Purina, the FDA, or the courts care about dogs or their owners? Could greed be a motivation? Consider Purina’s pet food market share. Surely, they would do whatever they could to hang on to all of it.


Your dog may be priceless to you but there is no reason to believe that he is priceless to any pet food company that would knowingly put its market share above his health.


It would seem reasonable to assume an owner’s priceless pet is even more valuable to lawyers that are paid to settle pet food lawsuits.


Would justice be better served if Purina’s lawyers had to do the math and tell the public how much money they made per each dead dog since many people feel that the owners got too little?


How many times do we have to relive what is essentially the curse of the melamine disaster before an Act of Congress protects our pets from pet food companies that seem to be having a bit of trouble convincing us that they actually care about our dogs and cats? It is what it is! Businesses exist to make as much money as possible.  We understand that but it is really cost effective to risk safety and quality and then have to pay lawyers whenever tainted products kill dogs?


What do dog and cat owners in the USA really want? Likely most of us want safe and nutritious food that is made in the USA by companies that honor the fact that to us – OUR PETS ARE PRICELESS! We want to know where it is made and we want COOL (Country Of Origin Labeling) on all food products, including pet foods.


We respect lawyers who speak to safety but not those who represent companies that risk sickness and death by relying on litigators to protect them from Pet Food Lawsuits! EST 2002 © 1405



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