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Pet Food Recalls and Ingredient Analysis




Veterinary offices are being gobbled up by investors in 2023 and that affects your costs but can absentee ownership adversely effect your animals?


April 19, 2023 |

Nel Liquorman, Investigative Reporter


Pet owners are paying 30% more for veterinary visits as investors and related industries tighten their claws on the health and pet food industry, both human and animal.



During more than 2 years of pet supply shortages, I watched people return rejected dry pet food. Could it be that after so many bad products came back, store owners said “enough” and did not re-order, inadvertently creating bare shelves?


Yet warehouses and internet sites seemed to have ample supplies of pet products! Facebook keeps showing me ads for what looks like a new outlet store for pet food. BOGO deals! BUY ONE GET ONE FREE and as much as 70% off regular prices should be a clue that something is not right!


Should we wonder if or how veterinary practices and pet industries are connected? What about the ones that seem to be sharing a name? Notice how many veterinarians have a line of pet food products with their names or the name of their practice attached.


Could pet food companies and veterinary hospitals be mutually beneficial to each other?


It isn’t just what is missing in pet foods, have you questioned what is IN them? I have, and all dry pet food in every store in my county contains at least one Nutraceutical, mostly Rosemary Extract which the National Institute of Health lists among “convulsive agents.”


Many of us recall how pets were fed when we were kids, and a lot of us have gone back to that way. As one dog owner told me, “Even at today’s prices, it is cheaper to feed my dog from table left-overs and meat so I am doing it that way.



I just found a newly added Nutraceutical being used in dry pet food by way of FARMINA from Italy, now with a facility in Reidsville, NC. Aloe Vera gel concentrate is in their dry products. According to the Mayo Clinic, taking 1 gram a day of whole leaf Aloe can cause kidney failure which can be fatal. That is in reference to human consumption and your dog or cat is MUCH smaller.


Facebook showed ads for 4 companies with newly changed cat food products (no Nutraceuticals). I went to every store in my county and found none of the new food. I asked questions and got strange answers. All of the mail order sites seemed to be selling both the new and old bags, along with a disclaimer “you may receive either.”


Walmart showed ONLY the new version of IAMS dry cat food, so I ordered a bag from there. Two days later, I received the old toxic bag of cat food which I returned for a refund. The Truth in Labeling law is an important one, so I reported all of this to Florida’s Attorney General.


This is all starting to remind me of the Melamine disaster! In that case, when the court released the 24,000 pallets of recalled poisoned pet food, a wholesaler in Florida began reselling it by the pallet on the internet.


Deceit and greed are ugly words, but the pet industry makes them spring to mind! I am predicting a surprise awakening. I predicted this to a Senator, telling him that Rosemary Extract and other Nutraceuticals would bring down the pet food industry. No industry should be allowed to become so powerful that it can’t be stopped.


The problems with pet food must be addressed in 2023! EST 2002 © Apr 2023



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