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Where does your dog food brand come from? What does ‘made in USA’ actually mean? Are food INGREDIENTS and chew toys American-made or imported? Who tests or certifies dog food?


June 7, 2021 | NetPlaces Network Staff


You need answers to those critical pet food questions but TheDogPress has none. Nel Liquorman, pet food authority, warned about deadly consequences from counterfeit dog food and “manufactured dog treats” supposedly made in America.


Dog food news is invariably bad news. Complaints range from upset tummy (and owners) to deadly serious as in “My healthy dog ate a duck flavored Lucky Chew Sticks a product from Loving Pets that we received in her Super Chewer BarkBox and now she’s gone! She went from a healthy, happy dog to dead in 24 hours after eating this chew.” ~ facebook


Hernan Giraldo, Vice President in charge of Customer Experience Operations for BarkBox (contact information below), says their company is working with the dog’s veterinarian as well as the doggie chew manufacturer, Loving Pets.


Curious as to whether the product or its ingredients are sourced from a foreign entity, the NetPlaces Network staff did some digging. The company says their "chews are sourced from the USA, Canada, South America, Australia and New Zealand." and that that the company is "... handling the situation with the gravity, urgency, and care that it deserves."


Mr. Giraldo added that their products pass "rigorous nutritional and safety testing by third parties." That would include microbial testing, tests for palatability and digestibility and a review to meet Association of American Feed Control guidelines.


The deadly problem is not with any particular dog food brand, treat or dog toy - the risk is fake food, manufactured treats, and loving pet owners who let convenience override their common sense.


Stop and think! Raw food and bones are the most economical, nutritional and natural food for carnivores. New dog owners may say raw bones are not the tidiest food but that’s why savvy owners have a dog den (otherwise known as a crate). Better yet, nature made “outside” where your dog can relish his bone and then bury it.


Dogs instinctively bury bones but have you ever seen a dog bury a FAKE bone?


The solution for carpets and lawn is simple, give your dog a real, raw bone in his crate. In so doing, you are “naturally” ensuring the DENTAL HEALTH nature intended!


No more risky anesthesia, expense, and stress for tooth cleaning. A healthy, natural, time and money-saving decision!


Fresh organ meats labeled for human consumption (cooked or raw) and RAW bones such as "soup bones" can be purchased at fresh meat markets and most grocery chains.



We are also cautioned that many manufactured "dog treats" are laced with chemical enhancers (which for dogs are scents) and of course, preservatives of unknown chemical makeup.


This editor was close personal friends with the owners of a dog food company that launched in the late 90s and is still in business. The founder and company President was a well-respected Samoyed breeder. Their ingredients were real meat, bone meal and wheat, all sourced in America. Things have changed. Most dog food makers don’t even own a dog today.


Dennis, our Media Manager, suggested we survey dog food companies as to whether their ingredients are from America or imported. I suspect that will be a challenge but we will do our best...


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