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Seafood recall! Imported shrimp (injected with toxic gel) and recalled Swai fish may wind up in your dog’s food or even back in the human food chain!


August 2017

Nel Liquorman, Investigative Reporter


There have been recalls for imported Swai (fish) and shrimp recently due to toxins, and it is certainly possible that some of it became the fish meal that appears on pet food labels.


Since the FDA, USDA, or FSIS has given us no reason to believe that waste from food processors or recalled food products are not going into pet food, dog and cat owners have reasons to worry! It appears that the rules allowing food industry waste to be used by the pet food industry, have not been changed and sadly, 2 decades of toxins in the food chain have not come to an end. Since pet food is just an extension of what appears in our own food chain, we had better pay attention to what is going into it, if we are to avoid risky products that are imported.


There has been a decade of problems associated with fish and shrimp, yet the population keeps depending on TV news to keep us informed on the important stuff. But unless something deadly causes a recall of monumental proportions, you are not likely to hear about toxins in the food chain.


Lately, there have been recalls for Swai which did not meet FSIS (Food Safety Inspection Service standards. Likely, that is a user-friendly way to say that the Asian Swai fish was filthy and contaminated


According to NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) FISHWATCH:


“The US imports up to 90% of its seafood and half of what is imported is farm raised (in Asia and SA) mostly shrimp, followed by Atlantic salmon, tilapia and shellfish (includes scallops, mussels, clams, and oysters).”


If imports state SA, we may not be able to determine the country of origin because SA can be used for South America as well as South Africa. Sometime RSA is used for Republic of South Africa. It is best to think about any disease or toxins that you might be subjected to, and to opt for seafood that states PRODUCT OF USA and PROCESSED IN USA. We know where that is, and we will know who to sue if the food harms us or our pets!


Due to fraud and mislabeling of imported seafood, coastal state law makers are calling for “bait- to-table” labeling of ocean fish. A good move, but that will not protect us from imported farm raised fish and shrimp that seem to be riddled with toxins!


Already, at a big box store, I have seen Cod labeled Product of USA, but in another place on the label it stated Processed in China. So not USA and not for this consumer!


Reportedly, in Asian countries, fish and shrimp are fed animal waste, held in crowded pens in waters heavily polluted by filth, antibiotics, hormones, and pesticides. Why would a civilized country import something not fit for man nor beast?


Asian Shrimp traders have been injecting shrimp with a toxic gel that plumps them up and makes them look fresh. Handling and preparing the shrimp leaves consumers with red swollen hands.


Store employees in meat departments have complained about this same reaction from handling shrimp. One report from Asia, indicated that a wedding party and all guests became sick after eating shrimp that had been injected with the gel that many traders referred to as “glue”.


The shrimp and fish farming industry is likely riddled with as many hormones and antibiotics as our meat supply but remember that fish should be a part of our diet. We just need to read the labels, and buy caught in the USA and processed in the USA. EST 2002 © 1707






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