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Genetically Meeting The Meat Demand


Hendrix Genetics , global animal breeding company and BHZP, Germany's largest pig breeding company, breed bigger-better boars to feed growing market demand.


February 1, 2021

NetPlaces Network Staff is told “The production of the DB77 boars will take place at a nucleus facility of Hendrix Genetics in Spain where the breeding support is carried out by BHZP. Sales of db.77 boars have grown significant after the introduction of this line by Hendrix Genetics in 2019.



BHZP General Managers have a clear view on the benefits of this deal, stating “Working with Hendrix Genetics opens up international markets, as they operate globally and have appropriate organizational and human resources structures in place.


One wonders if there are not enough pigs or if there are too many people? What other innovations will be required to feed an exploding global population? Here in America, there is no food shortage although with COVID 19, there are delivery and distribution problems.


Credit to our truckers who keep ‘wheels rolling’ and a nation fed and clothed. They are a “breed” unto themselves, many tracking their ancestors back to the first settlers who ventured across the plains in covered wagons. Again, it is genetics, those same wanderlust genes are what “drives” the long-distance haulers of today.



Meeting the meat demand has become critical. In deference to our vegan subscribers, we acknowledge that studies have shown that pigs are as intelligent as dogs.


The defining difference is that pigs do not prefer people as companions. Yes, we recognize there are examples of pigs as house pets but they make news only because it is uncommon.



The fact remains – only dogs are genetically programmed as human companions. In fact, dogs are the ONLY animal that seeks the company of mankind, whether we have meat to offer or not…


And that is the amazing thing about genetics. What we have been able to do with a microscopic life-force is in today’s world, not to be taken for granted.


Headquartered in the Netherlands, Hendrix Genetics is the world’s largest multi-species animal genetics company active in swine, “providing high quality swine genetics to pork producers in more than 35 countries, setting the standards in sustainable animal breeding.” More information is available at


Significant is the fact that there is need for such an amazing company as Hendrix Genetics and other gene-cell research labs. So far we have been able to raise enough animals and crops to feed a hungry world but at the rate the human race is multiplying, there is risk.


There is only so much grassland to sustain the animals and crops that we eat. Unless and until we can grow meat in laboratories we are facing choices that have little to do with “animal rights” but everything to do with genetic science! EST 2002 © Feb 2021



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