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The Animal & Veterinary section of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) issued this current product, injection and pet food recall list.


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09/18/19 Salmonella or Listeria Performance raw/frozen pet food beef, tripe, etc.

08/02/19 Salmonella contamination in pig ear dog chews, warning lifted end of October.

07/09/19 Emergency rooms are treating an unusually high number of ii Listeriosis cases associated with hotdogs and deli meats. Don't feed them to the dogs!

06/26/19 Aqueon Betta Food, potential ii Salmonella contamination.

06/18/19 Premier Pharmacy Labs, All Products Intended to be Sterile.

06/18/19 RXQ Compounding LLC, Lack of Sterility Process Assurance.

05/26/19 Southern States, various animal feeds due to elevated ii Aflatoxin Levels. This after previous recall 5/06/19 for the same problem.  BRANDS potentially affected include Taste Of The Wild, Pedigree, Natural Balance, Sportmix.

05/06/19 Southern States, (Cargill, Inc.) various animal feeds elevated Aflatoxin Levels.

04/29/19 Norbrook Laboratories Limited, Subcutaneous injectable drug products.

04/04/19 Thogersen Family Farm, raw frozen ground pet food, Potential to be contaminated with ii Listeria monocytogenes

03/29/19 Muse Wet Cat Food, Product could contain rubber pieces - Nestle Purina PetCare Company

03/20/19 Hill’s Canned Dog Food, Due to elevated levels of ii Vitamin D - Hill’s Pet Nutrition

03/13/19 Stokes Healthcare Pilocarpine opthalmic solution, High level of preservative - Stokes Healthcare, Inc.

03/07/19 Norbrook Enroflox® 100 Injection, Noromectin® Injection, Ivermax® 1% Injection, Product sterility cannot be assured - Norbrook Laboratories Limited

01/31/19 Hill's Science Diet Canned Dog Food,  Elevated ii Vitamin D levels - Hill's Pet Nutrition

12/28/18 Purina Lamb Chow, Elevated copper level - Purina Animal Nutrition

12/21/18 Columbia River Natural Pet Foods, Dog and Cat fresh frozen meats, Potential to be contaminated with ii Salmonella and ii Listeria monocytogenes

12/07/18 9 Lives Cat food, Low levels of ii Thiamine - J.M. Smuckers Company

12/05/18 Columbia River Natural Pet Foods, Frozen meat product for dogs and cats, ii Listeria monocytogenes EST 2002 © 1904-7


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