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Thousands of blackbirds and over 100,000 drumfish commit mass suicide in Arkansas; Montauk Monster washed up on Long Island, and map of GLOBAL animal deaths intrigues HAARP researchers.


Sep 2015 Update

Barbara "BJ" Andrews, Editor-In-Chief



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We know that waterspouts suck up fish or frogs and drop them miles away but when in 2011, experts said storms, power lines, or collisions with each other caused the birds and fish to commit suicide, TheDogPress subscribers didn't buy it.


Karen Rowe, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, said "We have a lot more questions..."   She could start with "why were blackbirds flying at night?"  Only owls do that.  Falsely reported as an isolated mystery, the fact is that the inexplicable fish and blackbird deaths represent a global epidemic of "unexplained" animal deaths.


In 2010 penguins were decimated in New Zealand, massive fish deaths also occurred in Cambodia and Brazil, over 8,000 turtle doves in Italy, starlings and eagles "fell from the sky" in China and hundreds more such incidents are shown on the global map provided. 


By 2015 youtube featured several spectator videos of what appears to be animals attempting suicide.  One particularly painful video shows dozens of dolphins determined to get out of the ocean as beach-goers struggled to push and pull them back into the ocean.  While fish might try to leave horribly poisoned water and birds might be overcome by polluted factory air, the Atlantic ocean is by comparison fairly pristine.  See dolphin suicide video below.


Government experiments like HAARP would come closer to explaining the unexplained deaths of drum fish that washed up along the Arkansas River only 125 miles from Beebe where 4,000 blackbirds plummeted to the ground.  Only one fish species was killed, just as only red-wing blackbirds took a nose dive into the 1.5 square mile area NE of Little Rock.  Of interest to HAARP scientists is that unlike any other fish, drumfish have a pearl-like "organ" right behind the eye socket.  Did this pearlescent membrane act as some kind of radio/EMF receptor? 


The quickly released story that blackbirds died from accidentally flying into each other fell on  disbelieving ears.  Animal owners know better.  What most people don't know is the capabilities of the U.S. government's "weather research" machine.


The HAARP cover-up went into action.  Remember, this was early 2011, before the public knew about the government research facility.  Michio Kaku, an obscure Professor of Theoretical Physics, told Fox News a “lemming-like mass suicide can occur if a flock leader dies and falls from the sky… sometimes other birds may follow.” Carefully parsing the far-fetched theory, Kaku said it “happens all the time” but that people are paying more attention due to fear of the 2012 apocalypse. While clinging to the speculative limb, he also managed to wave a red flag in stating “fish deaths could be caused from chemicals, pathogens, and trauma.


If that was meant to ease fears, it was another blowout for the professor. received over 200 emails from animal owners who were intrigued by our coverage on Biological weapons warfare{1} at the government's secret lab known only as Plum Island. Several acutely informed readers postulated a connection between the purported animal suicides and HAARP. One of them was a military source who provided background on U.S. defense systems which, as in the case of HAARP, are often disguised as “medical or weather research facilities.”


HAARP is “… (a) High-Frequency Active Aural Research Program.

HAARP is funded by the US Defense Department and the University of Alaska. HAARP, which has long been the target of conspiracy theorists, analyzes the ionosphere and seeks to develop technologies to improve radio communications, surveillance, and missile detection. Areshev writes however, that its true aim is to create new weapons of mass destruction 'in order to destabilize environmental and agricultural systems in other countries.'"


Cross-checking with another military source, we learned that HAARP could indeed “cause birds to hit an aerial shield or cause a rapid change in water temperature” but that officer pointed out that HAARP could not affect only one kind of fish or just red-wing blackbirds. Oh. So we checked with a long time dog-friend who was, in covert operations, what Ollie North was to Iran Contra. He said “China and Russia have similar weather research installations they are testing” and analogized HAARP to “the Arms Race and Reagan’s SDI program” explaining that “Space Defense Initiatives were necessary then and more so now.” In a thirty minute interview, now retired government "weapons consultant" shared other concerns on animal research, pointing out that many “black ops” secrets of 20 years ago are now online.


MONTAUK MONSTOR FANGED PIT BULL?For example, is the Montauk Monster a hoax or genetic research gone awry? The most frequently displayed Monster photos look phony but this professional (Pampalone) photographer's photo disturbingly resembles a deformed pig or genetically altered Pit Bull Terrier.


Imagine what a creature like that could do for crowd control! Fox News and CNN did due diligence, quoting eye witnesses but the Montauk story was soon drowned in Long Island Sound... close to Plum Island.


The Black Ops source postulated “such mysterious animal deaths may be connected to species-specific genetic manipulation.” We discussed Dr. Jordan’s papers on vaccines and DNA manipulation{2}. He said “science fiction is often a prediction of reality” citing the movie Jurassic Park and then casually asked if TheDogPress had been “queried about our reference to the Bee Tree Lake research facility?” Thankfully, the answer was no.


HAARP and laboratory-modified viruses, such as Plum Island’s Lyme disease{3} are no longer secret. While limiting coverage to that which concerns animals, touched on the ease with which contagious diseases can be introduced into the population. As the world grows smaller, the internet and public understanding grows larger.


Regarding Plum Island, this email snippet from the former military consultant was intriguing.  “Our gov is now expanding into over 40 subprojects, the largest one to go into Manhattan Kansas and another in Elk Run near Rochester MN planned for developing the triple helix super soldier in a joint program with DOD, Un.M and Mayo.”


A prudent animal owner would weigh the information on vaccines as vectors. Governments are struggling to cope with critical global overpopulation and the current violence spreading through Egypt and other formerly peaceful countries. Hold your family and animals close, keep your mind open, and stay tuned.


In the meantime, it's important to keep track of weird animal behavior, animals don't commit suicide or do they?  See Animal Suicide Around The World.  There is much to learn and Video Theater makes it easy! And for more HAARP videos, see for yourself - HAARP: RAGE AND RUIN 5 extraordinary (short!) best-pick videos.


Reference & Related Articles and Information, dig for gold below


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