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Twisted news on the fate of racing greyhounds in Mexico is how animal rights politics have destroyed YOUR rights in over 40 states. Get the facts, including adoption, on greyhound racing and breeding.


May 2, 2018

Barbara "BJ" Andrews, SAAB Member


Greyhound racing, which originated in California in 1912, is still legal in a few other states that have fought the rising tide of Animal Rights legislation. That could change in the blink of an eye. Animal owners are disorganized, lazy, and losing the battle for one of our most basic rights guaranteed in the ii 4th Amendment. If you like betting on anything, including horse racing, get ready to give it up or move to Vegas.


A PRI (Public Radio International){1} “Heads Up” notice was received from our good friend Karen Dawn, Executive Director of DawnWatch (offsite opens in a window). It said in part "Dog racing, featuring greyhounds that can reach speeds of over 40 mph, is still followed by people in the US, UK, Ireland, Mexico, and elsewhere. Its popularity has dropped in recent decades as concerns about the dogs' welfare and treatment grow. In the US more than 40 states, including California, have banned dog racing." (See PRI Greyhound cruelty below{1})


Here is an example of placing propaganda which would put the rights of animals over the God-given rights of humans. On April 11, 2018, The Palm Beach post ran an article which was clearly “animal rights” slanted. It opens with this antagonistic challenge: "Greyhound racing, that throwback to Florida's days of early-bird dinners, cocaine cowboys and Coppertone tans, has been in decline for decades.


The article goes on with the unsubstantiated and illogical charge that “400 racing dogs have died in Florida since 2013” alleging that the deaths are due to “broken backs, broken necks and head trauma” and that “greyhounds testing positive for steroids and cocaine.


As a professional journalist with background in print media, I read those allegations and wince. 400 racing-bred greyhounds may have died over the last 4 years but to imply they all died from racing injuries defies common sense as does the suggestion they are given cocaine or steroids? Firstly, urine samples have been carefully checked for decades and secondly, it is illogical to think dogs could race if being treated for muscle injury, inflammation, etc. Pure sensationalism. Link-bait…


Having managed a small racing greyhound breeding facility in the late 60s, I also refute the incredibly ignorant statement that “Greyhounds spend more than 20 hours a day in small cages, eat low-grade food and frequently are afflicted with hookworm, ticks and fleas.” Racing Greyhounds rest in oversized stainless steel crates. In addition to regular training, they are turned out in huge X-pens where they are free to socialize and play.


Like human Olympiads, racing Greyhounds receive optimum veterinary care and are superbly conditioned athletes that get the best of everything. Even a novice understands that no dog “afflicted with hookworm, ticks and fleas” could perform like the supreme athlete that is the racing greyhound. Whether actively racing or retired for breeding, Greyhounds are fed the best money can buy, primarily raw beef. Therefore the suggestion that Greyhounds have tooth problems was equally far-fetched. The breed has exceptionally strong, large teeth, meant for grabbing and holding prey weighing 7 to 10 pounds.


A greyhound adoption movement has arisen to assist retired racing dogs in finding homes as pets, with an estimated adoption rate of over 90% in the USA…” That is fact. What is suspect are unauthorized pleas for $$$ to “help find homes” for retiring greyhounds. Such “movements” smack of personal profiteering.


Joyce McRorie, “Fast Friends (Adopt a Greyhound){2}” co-founder, is shown welcoming a rescued Mexican racing greyhound that is obviously in superb health and condition. No sign of any ill treatment, in fact the dog glows with suburb health and condition.


The Greyhound industry takes care of its own, starting a Greyhound adoption program in the late 1970s. The adoption fee is very modest as it should be for those who truly love and care for this extraordinary breed. They rarely have enough retirees to fill the demand but even so, in 1987 the Greyhound Pets of America (GPA) was established to educate the public on the sport and to promote “the suitability and availability of greyhounds as pets.


If you have space, I can assure you that the Greyhound is gentle, loving, and gracefully suited for homes with valuable breakables. They are calm, quiet, elegant companions which is why, like most coursing and sighthound breeds, they are historically the personal pets of royalty!


Reference: {1} PRI Greyhound cruelty (offsite opens in a window) {2} Fast Friends (Adopt a Greyhound)

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