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March 2021, 60 Minutes reported a new coronavirus originated in a lab in China. Not news, www.TheDogPress.com broke the Wuhan Lab story in April of 2020.


April 16, 2021

Barbara "BJ" Andrews, SAAB Member


The bat’s out of the bag AGAIN. The real news is that “someone” who is an on advisory committee of genetic engineering signed an open letter calling for a new international inquiry and a trip to China.



This time they want unfettered access to carry on a full and unrestricted investigation specifically into “a possible accidental leak from a laboratory at the Wuhan Institute of virology in the city where the first outbreak occurred.


Wuhan is a previously non-publicized Level 4 Virology Institute. The Wuhan lab has “the world’s largest collection of bat viruses" which could be the origin of the 2019 coronavirus. What 60 Minutes revealed is that the World Health Organization research team only spent 3 hours at the lab. We are left to assume it was either a very tiny lab or there was only a cursory inspection.


The interesting fact is that the World Health Organization (WHO) has no authority to make demands regarding research or health problems. So “WHO” is a misnomer… and it gets even more confusing as according to CNBC in February 2021, COVID is “going to sweep the world”.



The 60 Minutes program theory is that the virus infected the people who handled the animals for sale at the “wet” (live animals for food) market. Seldom mentioned is that many animals are sent to the market from as much as a thousand miles away to be sold alive.


In fact, China's centuries-old tradition of eating civets, porcupines and other exotic meat is facing renewed criticism as scientists decry their taste for dogs and other pet species.



The 60 Minutes program seemed to conclude there was no direct evidence that the covid virus actually originated in animals sold at the wet Market. It sounded very much like an attempt to negate or prevent a political crisis between the United States and China.


China is not only the world’s most populated country but is among the most powerful. Much of what you buy, from groceries to clothing and cars, comes from China. More worrisome, most of our pharmaceuticals are made in China. The implications of that medical fact - another story for another time…


The currently accepted theory according to Reuters and other news services is that COVID-19 (so named as the year in which this form originated) came from bats. Like most such reportage it is unclear whether they were sold at the live seafood market in Wuhan or just came visiting there... Blumberg notes that “The closest related viruses to SARS-CoV-2 were found in bats over 1,000 miles from the central Chinese city of Wuhan…


The mystery continues in a world where we can walk on the moon but can find no evidence that this form of coronavirus originated in a research lab in China? If in fact President Trump’s team did know that and pushed through the fastest vaccine ever produced, we have to hope that President Biden thinks about the devastation China has caused.


The 60 Minutes report said several scientists were sent to examine the bats for any sign of a virus that could have become COVID-19. What it did not say was that any of the virus brought back for examination in any way related to the COVID-19 virus or SARS. It was also non-conclusive as to whether the research conducted at the Wuhan virology laboratory has anything to do with what we now refer to as COVID-19.


Tooting our own horn, in March of 2020 TheDogPress.com broke the story on the Origin of coronavirus {Ref #1}. At that time, we reminded readers that “We came through Ebola virus … had comparatively few deaths from Typhoid Fever in 1907. The “Spanish flu” in 1918 took over 600,000 lives before we released a vaccine. Diphtheria in the 1920’s killed 15,000 – but we developed a vaccine. Polio killed or crippled thousands in the late 1950’s but the polio vaccine stopped it. Children rarely died from measles but … the measles vaccine was licensed in 1963. In the 1980s HIV and AIDS hit America hard but thankfully, with education, the infection rate has fallen 19% since 2005. Whooping cough, which can be fatal in infants, hit again in 2010 and is considered the new norm, mutating every 3 to 5 years.



TheDogPress learned that the Chinese military was working with the lab and that several workers became infected with what is now known as COVID-19.


Then in April 2020, Col. Harper, who has excellent sources, reported “The Wuhan Institute of Virology, a research institute in Jiangxia District could be the source of the virus.


In May of 2020 TheDogPlace.org published The Corona Connection {Ref #2} by Fred Lanting, who judges All Breeds around the world. Later that month, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo “backed President Trump's assertion that the coronavirus originated in a lab in Wuhan.


The ii NetPlaces Network coverage on coronavirus-COVID-19 has been extensive and in-depth. We are not mainstream media and therefore have successfully remained under the radar of censorship. We have been careful about reprint permissions and until early 2021 NetPlaces Network did not publish on social media for that reason.


But if TheDogPlace.org Charter Members and TheDogPress.com Subscribers want to share this important health and political information on our COVID-19 coverage with friends and/or social media, NetPlaces Network hereby grants that permission.


Reference & Related Article Information: {1} Origin of coronavirus {2} Corona Connection

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