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Does promoting ‘Mixed Breed’ programs reflect a decreased demand for purebred dogs? Does AKC make up for declining registration income with AKC Reunite?


October 28, 2019

Barbara J. Andrews, Editor-In-Chief, SAAB


AKC announced its specifically designed “New Program for Mixed Breeds” {Ref #1} in October 2009 “With mixed-breed classes beginning April 1, 2010…(bolding of Mixed Breeds by editor) The irony of the April Fools launch date was not lost on savvy AKC watchers. Not only was it not funny, purebred dog fanciers felt betrayed when AKC proclaimed “Canine Partners program is our enrollment program for mixed breeds and other dogs not eligible for AKC Purebred Registration.”  We thought our litter and registration fees supported the not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization.


Then, as though it were news, in April 2019 AKC again announcedCanine Partners program is our enrollment program for mixed breeds and other dogs not eligible for AKC Purebred Registration.” staff could not ignore the insulting irony as once again the internet blast was released for April Fools!


The Dog Fancy grimaced but said nothing even though the $35 money-maker defied the AKC Mission Statement {Ref #2}. AKC President/CEO Dennis Sprung proudly proclaimed Canine Partners as a program “to share our passion for dogs and our sport.” Putting honey on the bitter pill, the corporate leader said it would broaden AKC’s legislative influence by representing more dog owners.


Well, okay, we aren’t snobbish. Mongrels, mutts, street dogs, stray dogs, all packaged up in a nicer sounding name would be okay…


But astute observers wondered how dogs with no owners or people with no dogs could possibly affect legislation?


And given the overwhelming success of anti-dog legislation since 2010, much of it backed by the Humane Society Of The United States (aka HSUS) everyone would agree that no legislative program has been favorable to dog owners.


That said, the American Kennel Club made up for failing to legislatively protect dog owners by providing AKC Reunite. This service is a bargain at under $20 even if your dog is properly fenced. Thousands of small purebred dogs are stolen from yards and cars every year. On their Google advertisement AKC claims to have “helped reunite over 500,000 pets with their owners.” That is of immeasurable value to half a million people.


So click the AKC Reunite link (below) and hold your purebred dog close because indeed, the theft rate on purebred dogs is significantly higher as proven when our staff surveyed police and sheriff’s departments. Determining the breed as compared to what AKC calls an “All American Dog” was not possible but responses clearly indicated small dogs are easier to steal.


A large purebred dog might be tempting to a thief, but “pedigreed” small dogs are especially vulnerable. They are then sold over the internet or through pet shops. Unwittingly or intentionally, America’s premier registry for purebred dogs has highlighted a problem that applies to all dogs.


Our staff suggests you not only sign up for AKC Reunite but that you post a sign stating:


My Dog Is Microchipped and can be TRACKED


{Ref #1} AKC’s New Program for Mixed Breeds  ~  {Ref #2} AKC Mission Statement EST 2002 © Oct 2019





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