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Dog owners asked our expert for more information including the FDA/Center For Veterinary Medicine’s difference between recall-withdrawal on the dog food.


June 18, 2018 |

Nel Liquorman, Investigative Reporter


The Time Line Pertaining To The J.M. Smucker Recall:


Feb. 8, 2018 ABC aired the pentobarbital news story.

Feb 16, 2018 FDA announced the news release (dated 2/16/18) from Smucker.

Feb 16, 2018 FDA changed its stance on pentobarbital.


Was that the only way FDA could make the WITHDRAWAL become a RECALL after allowing the euthanized, slaughtered, and rendered animals to be used in dog food?


If the pentobarbital-euthanized animals had been available for all brands of dog food, this would have been a massive recall. Apparently it was only available for use by the J. M. Smucker dog food manufacturers.


Most suppliers do not limit the sale of their ingredients to one particular manufacturer and if J.M. Smucker is not suing the supplier of the pentobarbital-contaminated product - and if J.M. Smucker and the supplier of the rendered meat are not suing the FDA/CVM for a bad regulation that caused the pentobarbital to be in their products, then how could all of this have taken place?


Was there some kind of collusion between the FDA, CVM (Center for Veterinary Medicine), the rendering company, and this particular dog food manufacturer?


If the rendered euthanized animals had been available for all dog food makers, this would have been a massive recall, so apparently it was only available for use by the JM Smucker dog food manufacturers. But there’s more.


First let me define Withdrawal and Recall.

Withdrawal means a firm’s removal or correction of a distributed product which involves a minor violation that would not be subject to legal action by the FDA or which involves no violation, e.g. normal stock rotation practices, routine equipment, adjustments and repairs etc.


Recall means a firm’s removal or correction of a marketed product that the FDA considers to be in violation of the laws it administers and against which the agency would initiate legal action, e. g. seizure. Recall does not include a market withdrawal or a stock recovery.


Here is the March 2, 2018 Recall message from the FDA website:


The FDA has informed J.M. Smucker that the firm’s action to remove products from the marketplace is now considered a recall. The FDA based this decision on a test by the firm confirming the presence of pentobarbital in the tallow ingredient used in the affected products.


The FDA is continuing its investigation and has collected finished product samples for testing that is currently pending. While the firm and FDA testing was pending, the FDA agreed to allow the firm to withdraw products from the marketplace because it was the quickest way to remove potentially adulterated product. However, now that the firm has verified that the products contain pentobarbital, an illegal substance in pet food at any amount, the firm has agreed to continue to remove product under the voluntarily recall process. The FDA will share more information as it becomes available.


Is collusion between the FDA, the CVM, the rendering company, and this particular dog food manufacturer not a possibility? We may never know the answer but the question is worrisome.


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