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Extinct National Breed Clubs

AKC's Bothersome Baggage!


Your Parent Club may become extinct… The AKC no longer needs National Breed Clubs and will eventually do away with them as more troublesome than helpful.


August 20, 2019

Joseph Byer, Jr., Research Editor


National “parent” breed clubs were once vital to insure registrations and specialty show entries. Both AKC and UKC has newer registries set up without the support of a National Breed Club. Note that the AKC has been in decline registry-wise for 5 years while the UKC has shown increases in registrations during the same period. It appears National Breed clubs have outlived their usefulness.


Breed Standards are under approval from the AKC, a powerful tool that will eventually mandate the end to cropped ears, docked tails, possibly even the removal of injury-prone dewclaws. Many fear this could lead to the extermination of breeds that are employing these minor surgical procedures.


They [AKC] have replaced National Breed Club's Judges Education programs with those of the AKC's design thus eliminating the National Club's ability to fully train judges to their Breed Standard instead of the AKC's understanding/interpretation of same. After all, who better knows [or at least once knew] the intent and application of their breed's standard than that individual breed clubs.


The AKC is collecting the breed club archives to a central location, and NATIONAL BREED CLUBS are gifting those historical records willingly? Who in their right mind believes that the AKC will fully and accurately portray the complete archival record of nearly 200 breeds? Especially when some records may show the AKC in an unfavorable light? Who is rewriting history now?


The AKC, along with the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Assoc.), already supports the HSUS (Humane Society Of The U.S.) "Model Dog Law" which along with the odious, draconian requirements for housing, record keeping, etc., and would turn over breeding decisions to veterinarians!


National Breed Clubs have contributed mightily to their impending demise by inviting non-breeders into the club (thus inundating breed clubs with rescue-minded folks who are outright opposed to breeding) and giving them full voting privileges!


The National Breed Clubs have allocated boatloads of club revenues to researchers and companies who are developing tests for genetic diseases in hopes of securing a perfect dog. THERE IS NO PERFECT DOG, FOLKS! And yet, the multitudes of brain dead "scientific method" followers are getting these tests and attaching health test initials to their dog's name like it is a title.


Left to these new National Breed Club members, how long will it be before breeding will only occur when all required health tests have been undertaken? How long before the breeders with years of valuable experience are thrown under the bus in favor of these income-producing tests?


Oh, and let's not forget that the "Club of Clubs" (the American Kennel Club) which purportedly promotes the sport of purebred dogs has invited mixed breeds to participate. Maybe I should add that in addition to National Breed Clubs hitting the scrap heap, purebred dogs in general are soon to be replaced with, "the All American Dog", i.e. the (breed) name that is used when mixed breeds enter performance events.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Joe Byer lost a heroic battle with cancer on April 28, 2019 but his expert contributions on behalf of dogs will live on in these pages. We thank his wife for sharing his insightful works with our readers. EST 2002 © 1908





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