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What’s in your name?  And the AKC Name?  Where is your pride as a Breeder of quality purebreds?  Or are you just a puppy seller?


How many of you “in dogs” are now afraid to call yourselves a “Breeder”? Has the animal rights (AR) movement been successful? Do you tend to deny what you used to do with pride? Or are you part of the newer group who are desperately trying to find a new name that will make you look like a good-guy and not one of “them?”

You know who “they” are and you don’t want to be part of the propaganda they are spreading - that “show breeders” are just as bad, if not worse than puppy mills. Let’s face it; some show breeders are as bad as puppy mills and backyard breeders. You know who they are too.

So how do you separate yourself now that the fancy is inundated with them?

Instead of running away from being called a "Breeder," the name "Breeder" needs to be rehabilitated. By allowing the ARs, (fueled by BYBs and unethical show breeders) to change and demean the breeding of well-bred purebred dogs, you fall into their trap and that is retreat—you lose, they win—game over.

This name change notion is what happened with puppy mills. The AKC decided to upgrade that term to "high-volume breeders." Did it fool you? Change your mind as to what and who they really are? I bet not. Changing the name is not going to work so don't let anyone take away who YOU are. Don’t let anyone or any entity define who you are. It would be a joke.

Sure, there needs to be a distinction but it should be through education, not the name itself. Call “them” puppy sellers. At this point, there has to be a major campaign to educate the public and counteract the damage done to Breeders by the growing number of unethical dog breeders who in turn give the ARs groups their ammunition to use against anyone and everyone who breeds dogs.


We must proudly say what a "Breeder" is and does and why we are different from the others. We must educate and teach the public the important questions they need to ask ALL sellers prior to purchase, even if they simply want a family pet. It won’t be hard for educated buyers to distinguish well bred puppies, proudly bred by a loving breeder, show bred or not, from pet store puppies, back yard breeder puppies and puppies from the greedy and dishonest show breeder.

People that are responsible for carelessly bred dogs need to be exposed on a national level. They need to be put in the position of explaining why they are not a "Breeder” and yet they have litters. They are puppy sellers. Anyone can breed a purebred dog; only a Breeder can breed a well-bred purebred dog.

Who has the money and power to change the perception if indeed their priority is to promote the sport of purebred dogs? Don’t hold your breath!

The purpose of dog shows is/was the exhibition of breeding stock. (I know that concept is long forgotten but it needs to be rehabilitated as well.) Breeders may well be the only ones left to make this distinction, to reclaim status and credibility as Breeders, putting the other side on the run.

The very important first step is to dispel the AKC myth loud and clear. There should be articles published for the general public stating the truth about how a “registered” dog/puppy, even AKC registered, does NOT guarantee quality or value. That means we need to be prepared to deal with facts, and there are plenty of them, facts that is.

The AKC has already admitted publicly how unreliable the studbook is. Why do people continue to send their money to an organization that has failed them? A “Breeder” should be above that. It’s time to revolt for your breed and for yourself. The concept of owning a quality purebred has been trashed through greed and politics and the ARs took no time in using these facts to their advantage. Your good name and reputation were lumped together in all of the bad press.

What are you prepared to do about it? Members of Parent and regional clubs, both all-breed and specialty clubs, should run informational articles in their local newspapers. What better way to spend dues money? A specific breed could be highlighted every month with an invitation to the public to attend the next meeting. Tell them a dog or two of that breed would be on display and they would have an opportunity to talk to a real “Breeder.”

Specialty clubs should run articles in local papers educating people on why their breed is special as well as advice on how to buy a dog. The required table at dog shows full of AKC pamphlets is totally insufficient; the materials promote the AKC but not the advantages of owning a well-bred dog from a responsible Breeder. And you have to get people to the show and there is never enough advertising! There are probably more people in the pet shops on Saturday than at the local dog show. How disturbing is that?

Clubs, in conjunction with pet food suppliers, could get local news coverage, even a commercial or two. Publicity and public understanding about Breeders might even bring membership to clubs that once were big and now are down to 6 members – if they’re lucky. Flyers could be put up on grocery store and vet office bulletin boards (right next to flyers of BYBs) giving notice of meetings and maybe even an article or two on the topic of “Breeders” vs. “puppy sellers.”

Dog clubs are groups of people that share a common interest—dogs. Those people that are members of AKC clubs don’t have to act under the umbrella of their AKC club to achieve their collective goal of rehabilitating the name “Breeder.” In fact, it would behoove “Breeders” and their credibility to reestablish themselves as a new organization and to disassociate from the AKC.

Why? Well let me ask this: How many of you already feel like the AKC has abandoned you and the fancy? How many of you have had an experience with the AKC where they deliberately ignored evidence of fraud even when presented with irrefutable evidence? If not you personally, someone you know? The AKC could help the fancy, which provides them their wonderful PR and tuxedo nights, but so far it has not. Recent proposed rules should convince you that the AKC is moving in the wrong direction and by undermining the very premise of its existence. Unfortunately, the malaise runs deep right now with honest and concerned Breeders.

It would be hard to get things in motion, so you need to decide, how much do you want change? It can’t be any harder or more costly than sitting back and watching the people who currently dominate the AKC change the sport and the importance of the purebred dog. Purebred dogs have a terrible reputation, who allowed this to happen?

Contrary to what you think, this article has absolutely nothing to do with the AKC. I know you believe they are the only game in town and you have no other options. There’s always another option! In my opinion, and based on personal experience (see links below), the AKC doesn’t give a damn about you or your breed other than they want your registration money. (Sadly in some cases, parent clubs can be more of a social group and protectors of friends than protectors of their breed.)

So don’t expect the AKC to come riding in on a big white horse to save the day, it’s not going to happen. You haven’t seen them do anything yet, have you? There is no credibility in the registry. It’s a lost cause. Puppies born as a result of backyard breeders, dishonest show breeders and puppy mills have the same AKC registration papers as your dogs, just different names and numbers. So, how do you figure it offers you and your puppies any credibility?

I’d like to see “Breeders” stop registering their dogs with today’s fraud-riddled AKC. Take a stand and make your dogs a cut-above the riff-raff that the registry welcomes and
encourages to further taint the studbook and reputation.

This is written strictly to you breeders who honestly love your breed, who want to protect your breed and not the worthless registration papers and purple ribbons you have been led to believe give your dogs credibility. This is written for Breeders who have had enough and are ready for change. Still need convincing? More next time…

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