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In this crazy world we live in, everyone has a cause and it seems that reputable dog breeders only have one litter a year or else they are a puppy mill.


January 10, 2022

Liddie Cooper, Sporting Dogs Consultant


People can always find something to argue about even if they don’t know the facts of a situation. As a dog lover from a family line of sporting dog breeders, I can’t understand why a serious fancier would only have one litter a year.



The genetic research, the thrill of seeing that young dog first freeze on the scent, the science of conditioning and the pride in producing an outstanding field dog is exhilarating and uplifting.


People run to a doctor with real or imagined ailments. Many are diagnosed as depressed and so they leave the office with a prescription for one of the many anti-depressants available today - but all anti-depressants come with a suicide warning… That is a classic oxymoron!


I choose puppy therapy. It is hard to be depressed when you have a puppy wagging and doing silly things. If observing his joy in a new toy doesn’t cheer you up, at least for the moment, then cuddling him in your lap and stroking his puppy fur surely will bring serenity.



Whether the puppy ever goes in the field or not, one of my greatest joys comes from placing a healthy loving puppy in his forever home. That puppy becomes someone’s comforter, a snuggler and secret keeper, someone’s forever companion.


Knowing that little puppy puts smiles on so many faces and brings joy to their hearts makes me happy.


In my opinion there’s nothing like puppy paws and kisses from man’s best friend. Whether we end the year with a new puppy or begin the New Year with a puppy it is cause for joy and celebration.


Enjoy your pets, share the love and let your cause be putting a smile on someone’s face today!

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