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I reported a slight lifting of restrictions but now another quarantine lockdown, Brits not happy, dog show restrictions but online dog shows are catching on.


February 9, 2021

Meg Carpenter, SAAB Member, Overhill Kennels and Export


A new quarantine restriction comes in to force on Monday next (2/15/21) wherein anyone coming into the UK will have to do 2 weeks house quarantine even if they are Britts returning from holiday. It is felt by many that the lifting of restrictions was far too soon as people worried that would cause a further peak of the virus. Previous predictions that cases would decline have proven incorrect.



One of the hospitals just ten miles from us (near Pensford) was closed last week as there was so much Corona virus there, including patients and also members of staff. A sad situation.


We believe that all gatherings of any size will be banned. Horse racing and football are just being started but no spectators are allowed, so they race on an empty track or play in an empty stadium. Most odd, life is very different.


We are most excited as tomorrow we are delivering four dogs who have been here with us throughout the quarantine lockdown. It is our first trip out and it will take us down to the bottom of Devon, one of the most beautiful areas in Britain. Devon is like mountain meets ocean, stunning in photos.



Regarding the dog world, further shows have been cancelled in these difficult times. As far as the show scene is concerned, exhibitors would like to know what the Kennel Club has planned for the future as would the show secretaries and organisers who rely on the KC for leadership and guidance at this unprecedented time.


Sadly, the only posts that seem to be readily available are face book pages, some of them featuring Crossbred and non-registered dogs etc……which of course shocks the very customers with pedigree dogs that the KC should be supporting during these difficult times.


We feel completely in the dark-it would be comforting to be given guidance by the KC regarding shows throughout the remainder of 2020. Is there a contingency plan for Cruft’s 2021?


Currently the country has gone back into full Covid-19 lock down, meaning no restaurants, no English pubs, no non-essential shops open. We are not supposed to leave our homes except for essential journeys. The one positive to mention is our vaccination programe here - there have now been ten million vaccines given to the most vulnerable and all over seventy.


The latest restrictions are on people entering the country. They are officially escorted to designated hotels where they have to stay for two weeks, their meals are supplied but they are not allowed out of their hotel rooms, which they do have to pay for. I do get cross when people criticise the Government, they have a job that none of us would want, they are dealing with a virus the likes that has never been seen before. I really feel that they are doing the best that they can.


Regarding our shows, at present there are none. Our first big major Championship show of the year has been cancelled until next year. Crufts 2021 has been scheduled for July but my own personal thoughts are that I think it doubtful it will take place.



In a realistic world I feel we should forget 2021 and concentrate on 2022. Make 2022 a great year. By then certainly all of us in UK will be vaccinated and feel more confident to return to an almost normal world.


As you can imagine many businesses have suffered and closed. It seems to me, the only people making large amounts of money are the idiots breeding puppies of all breeds (and crosses) and selling them for huge amounts - for example three to four thousand UK pounds for “rare” ?? coloured cross breeds.


Although the sales for puppies here has rocketed, there are sure going to be a lot of puppies in rescue when all of this has finished. People are buying them now whilst they are at home forgetting that in the near future they will be going back to work…then who looks after pup? Really pleased I haven’t had any puppies throughout lockdown.


Sadly, we are already seeing ‘comfort pups” looking to be rehomed as they are now reaching the age where they need training and not getting it so causing trouble. These silly owners can’t cope so they are rehoming or putting the dogs into rescue.


Changing to a lighter note. there are many online dog shows which are proving extremely successful. Our national dog paper “Our Dogs” has run several and been well attended. I have been educated in the method of zoom meetings. Even hoping to run a Zoom meeting myself next weekend which I am sure will be very challenging!!


It seems strange living the way we are at present but we do accept it. I think it is because we have seen loved ones and friends die from this horrendous virus, and just thank God that we, so far have been given the chance to survive. EST 2002 © 20S00



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