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January 11, 2022 update |

Dr. Roberta Lee PhD, Science Editor, SAAB Member


Many Earthling Women Prefer Dogs to BabiesAmericans have noticably changed in the last decade, just look around you. Let’s take the language. It sounds almost foreign. “I seen him do it.” Or “Him and me seen it.” Not, “He and I saw it.”


And then there’s a new interpretation of “adoption.” We now adopt dogs, not children. For some newly evolved parents, that is a plus!


They might as well take the words “please” and "thank you” out of the dictionary. Webster added “spay” and “neuter” because even first graders know those words and they make crude jokes about what “got gone.” Yet they don’t know the difference between “MAY I” and “CAN I?”  help you? “May” asks permission whereas “can” asks if I am able.


My answer is probably not. Especially if they are offering to help me select a new puppy. Most city kids don’t even know it as a living creature. And their mothers! The “modern woman” shows off as much of the body as possible. Female news anchors favor plunging necklines. Hemlines? What’s that?


In the meantime though, we insist on dressing up our pets! Liberated women who refuse to bear children wrap their dogs in baby clothes. Do modern women actually prefer cute dogs to real babies?


Person to person violence is on the rise. Not shouting but shootings! Many young people are so uneducated they can’t verbalize their frustration but it seems they can all point a gun! Robberies, burglaries, and home invasions occur with heinous results. Gang numbers today rival the population of a small nation. Many hoodlums have big tough dogs with which they can posture. THAT is what gives me the shivers. WHO TAKES CARE OF THAT DOG?


So what are we doing with these new earthlings? NOTHING. We lock our doors and turn our heads and try not to note their uncivilized actions. We are afraid to know our neighbors because they might be one of them.


Parents and Children find it increasingly hard to communicate.Notably, most such earthlings don't have a dog in the house or a cat snuggled in the lap. Pets are passé’ other than being used as an accessory.


Did you ever imagine a time when we would be overwhelmed by a society we don’t even recognize? Did you ever think that, having reached adulthood, you would be too afraid to speak out and make a difference?


Dr. Roberta Lee, D.D., Ph.D., N.D.Oh wait. Now I remember LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT. It is still up to us, the educators and grandparents of today to instill a thirst for knowledge instead of carnage, to teach humility instead of arrogance and to re-connect the human-animal bond in our young people.


Maybe all is not lost and we human earthlings can get our priorities straight? The animals have their act together. What’s wrong with us?


EDITORS NOTE: Dr. Lee wrote "EARTHLINGS" for TheDogPress August 29th 2011. Robbie earned 4 PhD degrees. The highest level of education in not one but FOUR study dimensions.


Dr. Lee was always an optimist. Apparently she was also able to see the future. Now, in 2022, we need to ask ourselves and our leaders, who is "we" and where are we headed?


Dr. Robbie" was one of my closest friends and in my 83rd year, I appreciate her knowlege and foresight more than ever. ~ Barbara "BJ" Andrews, publisher NetPlaces Network EST 2002 © 1181992202



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