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Does a Constitutional Right to keep and bear arms include watchdogs whose owners rely on them for protection? Will this be a Supreme Court issue in 2021?


October 23, 2020

Col. Sam Harper, Dogsport Reconnaissance


My sight may not be what it once was but my ability to spot the enemy kept a lot of guys safe. Today, like most people my age, I don’t like what I’m seeing. My daughter says the human race is regressing. I raised an eyebrow, suggested she make a science fiction movie.


She fired back with “I think the Amy Barrett circus is proof enough…” As we talked about the grilling the lady judge calmly endured, I got a glimpse into a possible career goal change in my suddenly grown-up kid.


She sequenced into the McCloskey case where in July 2020 a husband and wife, both senior citizens, defended their home by brandishing weapons at a gang of “protestors.” My suddenly grown-up kid said they were “more like a bunch of thugs” whose taunts and threats were prolonged enough for reporters and police to arrive.



“Can you imagine holding off a gang like that and having enough self-control to not panic, not fire a shot?” I couldn’t.


She observed that a trained guard dog might have been safer. I smiled. Agreed. As she headed for the coffee pot, I thought about that “over 60” couple and knowing something about mob violence, automatically weighed the odds... Pointing guns at hotheads can have a chilling effect on their desire to show off but it was an explosive situation.


Mark and Patricia McCloskey stood their ground and survived. That should have been the end of it but as she set my cup down, my attorney-sounding daughter resumed her dissertation.


Did you know that elderly couple was individually charged with a Class E felony?


I didn’t. She blew on her coffee just like one of my guys. I smiled. Conversing with her “mobile device” she announced “In Missouri brandishing a gun is punishable by up to four years in prison!” She “swiped” at it. I knew the drill so I just waited. 2 seconds, 3 seconds… and then…


But listen up… pay a fine of $10,000, plead guilty and get the sentence reduced to one year in jail. I thought extortion was a crime but I guess courts in Missouri don’t wear the same glasses as regular folks.



What? She waved me off, kept reading… “Defense of their property, valued at $1.2 million, was deemed criminal by Associate Circuit Judge Craig Higgins.” She looked up at me and I knew that expression!


With claws unfurled and lips tight, she launched into a dissertation about how “all across America judges are subverting the Constitution Of The United States.” I was impressed.


Citing “animal rights” she pointed out that TheDogPress subscribers would be the first to realize that judges can be wrongly “opinionated…” I got it, laughed. She didn’t. Still in her tiger mode, she growled “It’s political subterfuge, another one of lots of legislative agendas designed to destroy our Constitutional Rights.


We agreed that the divisive politics of “animal rights” was a big step in subverting human rights. She reminded me that there was a saying that went something like “take our dogs, take our guns, take our freedom.”



I nodded. Whether you are a gun owner or not, surely you recognize that the right “to keep and bear arms” is much more than a Constitutional Right. It is a DUTY and it may damn well be needed. I must have mumbled aloud because my daughter said “Where have you been??? In some other world?? These riots are a lot more than testosterone driven playtime for tax-payer supported trouble-makers!


I looked up at her with a question on my lips but before I could get a word in sideways she threw up her hands and said “Don’t you remember the Denver Dogs {Ref #1}? It isn’t just these rioters that defy what you think you know.


Huh? “Daddy, the police made forced entry into homes and ILLEGALY seized family dogs they claimed were pit bulls. They killed hundreds of dogs. Don’t you remember?” She showed me this photo to prove her point.


Tears in her eyes, she looked up at me. “Daddy, what if they came for your old hound?


I couldn’t answer. In fact, I think I’ll take a break.


Reference, Related and Instant Information: {#1} Denver Dogs Slaughtered ~ Human, Animal And Constitutional Rights, This legal scholar/animal owner documents why “most Animal Welfare and Animal Cruelty regulations are unconstitutional violations of the law.” Email this to yourself and pray you never need it. ~ ii Constitution of the United States instant information, the Original, uncluttered, no ads, quick but meaningful read. EST 2002 © Oct 2020-2202



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