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Eagles running back Bryce Brown gets legal help to recover his family pet confiscated by Animal Control, photos, details on animal rights racket.


Pit Bull Party! Eilis celebrates her birthday with owner Bryce BrownThe Philadelphia Eagles running back’s American Pit Bull Terrier was with her breeder when she and her seven babies were seized as part of an investigation into a suspected dog fighting ring. Bryce Brown had brought Eilis home after she had been mated but professional commitments prevented him from whelping her litter.


The UKC registered American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) was a true family member. Adored and pampered as shown in this photo of Bryce Brown celebrating her recent birthday, how could Eilis wind up in what for most dogs is no-bail jail?


Following the Michael Vick case,{1} sports stars may be unfairly scrutinized by animal control. Dog owners moaned and even football fans rolled their eyes when in 2009, the Philadelphia Eagles signed Michael Vick for three years following his anti-cruelty PSA spot for the HSUS (Humane Society Of The U.S.) Who knows if the Eau Claire Wisconsin humane officer, BeKah Weitz, made any connection to football when she observed “scarring on the dogs” belonging to Bryce Brown’s breeder? She said the dogs had ringworm and “possibly other skin issues” and that the dogs were kept in “houses without bottoms in damp conditions”.


According to, this was enough to have “The owner of Northland Pits, Joseph A. Sudbrink arrested and charged with mistreating animals and running a breeding kennel without a license.” The dogs were confiscated on May 21, 2013 and the APBT breeder’s 19 dogs remain in custody “as part of the investigation” into his alleged “involvement” in dog fighting.


During an animal cruelty investigation, confinement costs in no-bail jail can amount to ten times the going rate charged by top boarding kennels. Because the animals are classified as evidence, getting them back before trial is usually impossible but Bryce Brown was lucky enough to find a law firm experienced in such matters. Brown hired an animal resource attorney to get his pet out of dog jail.


The Wisconsin-based firm of Kessler and Greer argued that Brown’s dog had no connection with the charges against Sudbrink and furthermore, Eilis’ unblemished condition proved she had never been in a pit fight. Thankfully, Brown’s buddy was released.


Most animal owners are not as fortunate or can’t find an experienced animal law attorney. As daily containment costs mount, owners are forced to sign over their animals or forfeit them due to inability to pay the exorbitant fees. One of our staff asked why burglars or dope dealers aren’t held liable for storage fees on evidence? The obvious answer is that “they wouldn’t pay” whereas “loving horse and dog owners would mortgage the house!”


After Eilis was safely home, Bryce Brown defended his dog, the APBT, and the breeder on twitter, saying “My dog was returned to me quickly because it was obvious that she is not and never has been involved with dog fighting. Northland Pits is a respectable breeder which has unfortunately been the target of anti-breeding groups and "animal rights," activists who know nothing about what he is doing there, and assume it is related to dog fighting due to the breed of the dogs. He is a victim in this case, just as I am. He takes great care of his dogs and Eilis wouldn't have been breeding there otherwise.”


Family photo of Bryce Brown, his beautiful wife, and their beloved Pitbull "Eilis"Brown released this family photo of himself, his beautiful wife, and their beloved dog. To this rising football star, Eilis is indeed a best friend. Bryce Brown stands for what is right and for the sport he loves.


Worth noting; Animal Control may or may not have the same power as your local police or sheriff’s department so if your dogs are confiscated by any animal welfare group, you need to contact an attorney immediately to determine if there was a warrant, legal charges, and to aid you in protecting and/or securing speedy release of your animals.


UPDATE: There is further good news on the case. Thanks to the intervention of another attorney, the breeder, Northland Pitbulls, has all of his dogs back. The District Attorney conceded they had no statutory basis to hold them. That translates to: There is no reasonable belief they are 1. Being mistreated, 2, are needed as evidence in any court proceeding, 3) are not dangerous to people or other animals 4). For any other reason the court deems necessary.


The kennel owner could only be charged with operating a kennel without the proper kennel license. We will present another case of grief, reputations being tarnished and lost resources in the next edition.


TheDogPress is attempting to compile a contact list for experienced animal-law attorneys. If you are willing to serve the dog fancy please contact us.


{1} Amicus Brief Filed On Behalf of Pit Bulls, ADOA, NAIS, etc. ~ Rescue Raids:  Confiscation Racket EST 2002 © Jul 2013



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