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Fortunate to have many of America's best dog writers, we asked the best literary judges in the dog world (our readers) to select the top Canine Journalist and Article of 2014.


Please Review These Top Journalist Nominees, Then Cast Your Vote


TOP JOURNALIST NOMINEES OF 2014CinDee Byer, Dog Clubs Reporter

Breed Club Under Attack  AKC clubbing the clubs, forcing Breed Standard changes.

Future Of Purebred Dogs  Is it about breed history, breed purpose, and respect for breed type?


E. Katie Gammill, Exhibition Editor

How To Find An Ethical Breeder Pitfalls to avoid in choosing your breeder, who to count on for advice.

Why Have Breed Standards?  Group judge says changing standards to accommodate faults wreaks havoc.


Fred Lanting, All-Breeds/Sieger/Schutzhund

What Is The Dog? Hybrid, cross-bred, canids, domestic dog, wolf, dingo photos, and more.

Canine & GSD Topline  Exhaustive but understandable science, generously illustrated.


Nel Liquorman, Investigative Reporter

Pet Food Lawsuits  The bitter truth about prepared dog foods isn’t easy to swallow.

Are Vet Bills Making You Yelp?  Held hostage by the high cost of pet medication, veterinary bills?


Sherry L Shivley, Ring Reporter

Cropping-Docking Debate  Start with expression, appearance and breed standards.

Pre-Judging Eukanuba & WKC  Does it sometimes it seem that winners are pre-chosen?


Stella Starr, Pet Perspectives

Emotions Study  Hungarian scientists prove what pet owners have known for 3,000 years.

Eating Dogs Impacted by Rabies  Rabies threat in countries that consider dogs as table meat;  divine intervention.


Single Entry Candidates:

Carol Backers, Borzoi Breeder, Owner

Borzoi Spirit Dog  Indeed, some of us have a special dog in our psyche as well as in our hearts.


Sue Beaulieu, Legal Rights Editor

Cancer Patient Arrested and jailed for failure to renew her 14 year old dog's license!


J. Byer, Jr., Research Editor

Judas Goats and Dog Clubs  They lead the herd to slaughter just as the dog fancy is led astray today.


Geneva Coats, Genetics Editor

Legislation Opposition Letter  Model challenge to State or local mandatory spay-neuter legislation.


Kathy Coffman, Guest Columnist

Judge Defies Breed Standard  Are judges allowed to dictate their own standards, the Clay Coady case.


B.L. Cozad Jr. US Army ret SFC, Rights Reporter

Agenda 21 - AR Connection  What Agenda 21 as to do with HSUS and the dog in your lap.


Patricia Dollar Guest Reporter

AKC's Wrinkles Are Showing  Gary, Kim, and Michelle Steele expelled from Boxer Club for neglect.


Vickie Haywood, Pet Care Columnist

Therapy Dog Christmas  True story of miracles for nursing home and hospice patients!  Kleenex needed.


Carole Henry, Guest Columnist

Raw Meat Debate  Dog food allergies? Share your experience on raw, canned or kibble in COMMENTS.


Frank Losey, Pentagon Attorney, Retired

HSUS HiJacks Legal Profession  HSUS claims 2,000 attorneys support their animal rights agenda.


Dannielle Romeo, Newsdesk Editor

DoRight Dog Owner  Meet the Dorights and Bleedingharts and how to cope with difficult neighbors.


Linn Vandiver, Desert Breeze Ranch

Owner Handling Your Dog  Can owners beat professional handlers? Top owner handler says Yes!


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