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Ignoring the seriousness of HSUS and PETA or thinking that it will go away by itself is wrong thinking.  Animal Rights radicals aren’t going to go away, but AKC is along with the cat registries (TICA, CFA) and other animal organizations.


SHIRLEY LAWLER, THEDOGPRESS WRITERShirley Lawler TheDogPress 09|01|09 - I recently read an article entitled How Do You Save Freedom in America?  It asked “What is it that we can do to stop the loss of freedom in America?  You can have all the money, all the food in the world.  But if you have no civil rights and rights afforded by the Constitution, you have nothing.”  Well that is what is happening to us by HSUS and PETA.  Our civil rights are being taken away from us and shortly we are going to be left with nothing.  No cats, no dogs, no birds, no horses, nothing; maybe a museum with stuffed animals and relics.


I used to think that the masses would stand up and fight HSUS and PETA and the animal kingdom would be saved by our heroic efforts.  Instead it appears that many of those who could; won’t.  AKC could rally the troops but it is too busy whining and crying about loss of registrations and the CHF does the ‘feel good’ things rather than address the real issues.  How is it that a once proud organization is reduced to sniveling about lost revenue when they still have millions in their coffers and refuse to part with any of it to stay in business?


It is beyond my comprehension that AKC cannot see that HSUS and PETA are forcing them out of business.  They sit by and write silly letters stating their position and REFUSE to get involved on legislative issues, letting the breed clubs do the dirty work rather than take the lead themselves.


I’m beginning to think that the AKC is nothing but HSUS and PETA in disguise because I can’t see any other reason why an organization like AKC would sit by and watch its own demise.

I’ve heard all the excuses and they are pitiful.  The delegates are no better either.  They won’t and don’t ask the hard questions about why HSUS and PETA are taking away our rights to own a pure-bred dog or in fact pure-bred anything.  I’m beginning to think that the AKC is nothing but HSUS and PETA in disguise because I can’t see any other reason why an organization like AKC would sit by and watch its own demise.


It has nothing to do with the other registries that supposedly are in competition with AKC for registrations, it has to do with AKC itself.  I had hoped the election would initiate changes, but AKC’s Chairman of the Board was once again appointed behind closed doors after the delegate meeting.  Smoke filled room and back room deals.  How transparent is that?  Why have delegates at all? 


I do not see any delegates standing up to AKC and asking for accountability on any of the things that it has been doing for years.  What I have seen and observed is more of the same, which is nothing.  I would like to see some of these ‘yes men’ that call themselves delegates and protectors of the pure-bred dog stand up at a meeting and make the following proposal:


I would like to request the BOD to issue the following mandate:


  1. If each of you delegate clubs do not participate and support the legislative efforts by either going to your state legislative hearings on the proposed HSUS and PETA bills and or writing/faxing and calling your state representatives you will not be licensed to hold your show/shows or matches until such action is taken.

  2. You will conduct at least 2 fundraisers a year in order to raise money to help fund a lobbyist to represent your interests at the state or federal levels.  Proof of such fundraising must be provided in order for you to receive the licensing for your shows and/or matches.

  3. You will hold educational seminars either through your local or state humane societies and offer outreach programs to schools/colleges on the issues of Human Rights and what “animal rights” really is.


How can a local kennel club that should be supporting local legislative issues have a delegate who doesn’t even live in the state that they are representing, let alone the city or town in which the kennel club is in?  AKC needs to remove those delegates. One can start from there.


Did it ever occur to the veterinarians who support HSUS and PETA that they are supporting the demise of their own occupations?  If there are no dogs, cats or other animals which is what “animal rights” is aiming for, there will not be any need for veterinarians.  Or any other related industries, such as pet food manufacturers, veterinary medicines, pet toy manufacturers, the list is endless. 


If HSUS and PETA take away our rights as pet owners, then there would be no need for them either.  This must be about more than freedom for animals.  So how are we going to stop this loss of our civil rights and freedom in America?  I’m no longer sure that we can.  The only hope I think, is to convince more people of the seriousness of the situation and get back to where our freedoms were valued above everything else.  Back then we demanded it, today we let HSUS and PETA dictate it.  We have to agree that freedom is more important than anything else.  We must preserve our civil rights and not let HSUS and PETA take them away from us.  I just hope that there are enough of us.


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