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Rights Repressed In 2021


Among our enumerated American freedoms is the Constitutional Right to keep guns and to own property which includes animals. Both are under threat!


November 16, 2020

Col. Sam Harper, Dogsport Reconnaissance


Muzzleloaders, then rifles and “Six Shooters” protected us and provided food for our settlements. Guns gave new Americans the courage to push ever Westward - and then into the air and across the oceans to defend other countries, including the one we left, now known as the United Kingdom.



The Right To Bear Arms is so ingrained in American history that in 1791 it became the ii Second Amendment to our Constitution. The United States Of America founders knew that those who would seek to control us had to first take away our means of defense and so they protected gun ownership. Think about that as you learn about today’s gun control, animal control, traffic control, and people control.


Along with the brave pioneers who settled this land came thieves. Back then horse and cattle thieves were hanged because we depended on animals for food, protection, and transportation. Horses “elevated” humans, plowed our fields and enabled us to cover great distances. Cattle, sheep and goats fed us and provided milk, meat, and clothing.


Dogs hunted with us, protected us and our belongings, including our other animals. Animals had no “rights” but they were considered property Ref #1 and economically valuable so they were generally well-cared for. Whether as a child’s pet, hunting to put food on the table or protecting the home, dogs are just as vital to Americans today.


My kid reminded me that Federal, State, and local governments can take property under “eminent domain” laws and she says that includes our animals. Back when I was in school they taught us about communism. Why did they quit doing that????


Have you noticed how many political candidates are openly admitted socialists? That is a government that can take your property and whisk YOU away to be held prisoner indefinitely. Navy Seals just rescued Americans from Niger and two other countries earlier this year. Is that where we’re headed?


Younger voters have been led to believe that the federal government is just another “parent” that lays down rules you can ignore. Like a forgiving father it will still give you “free money” and like mommy “it will take care of you when you get sick…”



My daughter, looking over my shoulder as I typed that noted aloud “how times have changed.” She reminded me that taking away our inherent right to own personal pets is a cornerstone in the groundwork for taking away our right to own a gun.


I thought for half a second and saw the sense of that.


She reminded me that after the school massacre in 1996, England passed the Firearms Act Amendment. That left Brits virtually unprotected but for the most part, peaceful. That was 20 years ago. Look at the riots and crime rate in the United Kingdom today…


30 seconds with google revealed that Venezuela banned private gun ownership in 2012 and consequently, by 2015 they had the world’s highest homicide rate.


What is happening? American was settled by men who were considered old enough to soldier and “bear Arms” by the time they turned 16. If fact, less than a lifespan ago, American “boys” were called into battle to protect other countries!


After the tragedy in Parkland Florida, there is a stronger than ever lobbying effort to deny Second Amendment Rights to 18-year old Americans and in some states, anyone under 21 years of age! The concept is that young people shouldn't own guns because they are not emotionally old enough to be responsible. Re-read the above…


In 2019 there were multiple mass shootings by unbalanced adults. Does that mean we change the Constitution? No. The ii Second Amendment was written precisely to protect Americans from oppressive governments and those who would take away our right to defend ourselves.


Talking with the editor (because I’m going long here) I observed that laws cannot regulate a society of unanchored young men. She said her paternal ancestors expected a 16 year to go on a buffalo hunt, count coup against other warriors, and do battle with settlers who could kill from a distance with guns.


I looked it up, most state gun laws allow an 18 year old to buy a rifle or shotgun but a person must be 21 to buy a handgun.


I also discovered an unwritten premise that people 65 and older have “cognitive decline” and should be denied a firearm, thus ignoring the armor of the Second Amendment. While cognitive decline is common in aging people today (a whole ’nuther subject!) it does not equate with dementia. 99% of mass shootings are committed by men of testosterone-producing age.


Should we “neuter” them too?


Ref #1 Human, Animal and Constitutional Rights EST 2002 © 20S11



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