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Why animal owners must legally challenge any law in their state that discriminates against animals by breed, species or purpose or HUMAN rights will be next..


January 2, 2023 update

B.L. Cozad Jr. US Army ret SFC, Rights Reporter


Legal discrimination is killing a chicken to eat but legislating against what they were bred to do.Are dogs that much different than cats, horses, cows or goats? No? What if I said Mexico’s fighting bulls or America’s fighting chickens? Right, gamecocks.


What makes the fate of a fighting bull more disturbing than that of a steer raised for slaughter? Which is worse, allowing a gamecock to fight (see cock fighting {1} video below) or forcing a laying hen to live in a cage she can hardly turn around in? What about racehorses that burst their hearts or break a leg on the track? Either way, the animals die.


Some die because they were born to fight or to run as fast as they can. It’s “in their blood” and guess what? It’s in our blood to cherish and share in that heritage whether it is a desert Arabian, a gazehound, or a Spanish fighting bull. We cheer that which we bred to be the best. There is no justification for discriminatory or species specific animal laws. Bucking horses and rodeo bulls are purpose bred, sell for well over $10,000, and are literally petted and pampered until slaughtered or retired to reproduce. Having acknowledged the obvious, we need to get real or learn to live without animals. And that means no meat, eggs, milk, leather shoes… Sure, you’ve heard that before.


Most of us put that thought aside and shut our eyes to Ingrid NewKook and her ilk that would destroy our way of life. Urbanites feel no affinity with the National Rifle Association. We may eat beef but we don’t raise and slaughter it so we’re not interested in what the Cattleman’s Association faces or that the poultry industry has been literally shut down in CA. There are many examples waiting to be named but the fact is, we rationalize about discriminatory animal laws.


We don’t have the time, money, or urgency to be bothered with fighting the animal “rights” crowd. We have shows to make, pedigrees to study, and pups to train. We rationalize animal welfare as “Okay, maybe they shouldn’t be so mean to breeding sows and veal calves but how else can we feed the world?


Back to those fighting chickens. One man’s pet is another man’s abomination. That is as it is but cock fighters are fighting the same fight we should all be engaged in. Sure it’s a violent sport. So is auto racing, football and boxing. The folks who breed and fight gamecocks say “the Oklahoma cockfighting law SL 687 is unconstitutional. It violates the 5th amendment to the US Constitution depriving gamefowl owners of their property without paying just and equitable compensation.” This animal law violates Federal law.


The gamecock association points out “The law makes it illegal to own or possess gamecocks (fowl) for the purpose of or with the intent of cockfighting (harvesting). Gamecocks have been bred to be harvested by cockfighting for over 3000 years.” Cozad says “The equivalent = it is illegal to own or possess Angus beef cattle for the purpose of or with the intent of slaughter (harvesting). This amounts to a law stating it is illegal to own or possess "your property" for the purpose of or with the intent to use your property for the very reason you own your property. For the urban citizen equivalent = it is illegal to own or possess your house (your property) for the purpose of or with the intent to live in it, rent it, lease it or sell it.”


We spar chickens that are as carefully bred for that purpose as are Border Collies for theirs. Gamecock owners point out what all animal owners face “The equivalent of the law is to make it illegal to own beef cattle for the purpose of slaughter. What other commercial reason is there to own beef cattle? Harvesting gamecocks does not create a safety issue to any person. The criminalization and enforcement of this law does create a danger to human lives under the falsehood of defending the chickens – which the state will then pay the animal extremist at the humane society to kill!”.


If we think about that, we are back to the “property rights” debate which is just one of the Constitutional debates dog owners have chosen to fight independently. Well, we see where being snobbish translates to being STUPID.


Most dog owners remember a little about the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights so follow Cozard’s legal reasoning. There is a constant risk to those who engage in cockfighting events which are subject to be raided by law enforcement. Oklahoma Animal Law SL 687 is unconstitutional. It violates the 8th amendment to the US Constitution as an unjust law applying cruel and unusual punishment for a victimless crime.


It places a higher value on a chicken than on human lives and human rights.


It violates the 14th amendment to the US Constitution as the state has enacted an unjust law against its citizens. This law again places a higher value on a chicken than it does our inalienable, civil, human and constitutional rights, our heritage, culture, agriculture industries, agribusinesses and the enforcement of this animal “rights” law endangers human lives under the guise of defending a chicken.


Now put that thinking next to Denver confiscating and killing anything that resembled a pit bull, including the bulldog the kids use as a pillow when watching TV.


In 2005 Denver declared “Home Rule” superseded the U.S. Constitution and violating search and seizure laws, authorities invaded private homes without warrants, seized family dogs and put them to death.


Denver animal discrimination horror - “humans” slaughtered and dumped over 3,000 beloved family pets because they resembled a pit bullOver 3,400 Denver Dogs {2} were dragged from the homes of weeping, protesting owners. Those innocent dogs were killed and dumped only because they resemble a pitbull! How Inhumane is that.


The outrage made national news. The L.A. Times reported that hundreds of owners hid their dogs or used an underground railroad to illegally transport beloved family dogs. Despite heroic efforts to save puppies, old dogs, boxers and pugs that “looked like” they might be “part” pit bull, Denver authorities violated the Constitution we were once taught to believe in. We fought Louisville Law {3} but under discriminatory (Breed Specific) animal law thousands of animals suffered the same fate.


Animal owners who would challenge “animal rights law” should take a quick look at how Agenda 21 affects Animal Law{4}  which would clearly move nature, animals, fish and fowl above human lives and it is in violation of our US Constitution. Political beliefs notwithstanding, the majority of informed Americans denounce the UN’s Agenda 21 plan. © August 02, 2013 Updated December 12, 2022

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