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My crystal ball showed empty grocery shelves and high demand for canine comfort just before Omicron hit in 2021 but the image of cell-grown meat wasn’t clear…


July 26, 2022

Stella Starr, Pet Perspectives


They said the omicron virus came from South Africa, like who would know… In January 2022 there was a baby-formula crises and by February fresh veggies were scary-scarce. By April, animal owners were also feeling the pinch on pricing.



By May a lot of pet owners had switched to cheaper pet foods but that meant more corn and soybean as primary dog food ingredients. The irony is that dog owners “paid the price” at the veterinarian’s office. Soy and corn cause gas and bloating as people who love their real-grain cereals will admit.


In July the price of grilling meats made a lot of us wonder just how free we really are.


Well, this is about our pets, not politics so my point is that dogs and cats are carnivores, NOT grain-eaters. I looked it up. Dogs are classed as canidae, like coyotes, foxes jackals and wolves, all meat eaters. That is why dogs and cats have awful digestion problems when “peas, lentils, soy, and beans… are often used as substitutes for grains in grain-free pet food.” That was on PetMd.


The only grain a carnivore ever consumes is in the stomach of its prey. Dogs and cats, big or small, wild or domestic, are NOT omnivores as some new-age know-it-alls proclaim.



In 2022 we have more “fake foods” than ever and that include “meats.” I looked it up. Honest nutritionists consider cell-grown meat “unsuited” to humans or animals. One science site said right out that such “manufactured foods are a human health crisis.


If that is a health crisis in humans, who are omnivores, what do you think “cell grown meat” does to our dogs and cats that are strictly meat eaters? I’ll tell you.


Animals face an even greater risk because they have a horizontal stomach that can twist when it gets bloated. Oh, I just thought of something… the exception is monkeys and apes. And humans.


Well anyway, everybody knows that corn and soybeans are big gas producers and most commercial dog foods have both. Some brands try to get around that by using wheat and potatoes and they are also very “gassy” and something no cat would touch with a toenail!



Barbara Andrews has written about “bloat” in dogs and several other sites specified that if the stomach twists, what they call gastric torsion it can be deadly. Cats don’t seem to be as affected, probably because there is less grain in cat food.


I didn’t have to ask my crystal ball about the rising cost of pet food. Ukraine is a big grain producer and since most pet foods are grain-based, it is going to get worse. It might actually be cheaper to buy fish and meats on sale! is long-time subscriber and she’s the one who told our editor about the construction of a cell-grown meat plant. If you hear anything about this in your area, email me directly or tell us on TheDogPress facebook page. EST 2002 © Jul. 2022



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