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America’s enemies are experts at undermining our freedom and customs but this soldier says dogs are still at our side, never in our plate!


August 30, 2021

Col. Sam Harper, Dogsport Reconnaissance


Americans love animals, believe in a Christian God, and we don’t eat dogs. I’ve been to countries that do eat our best friend and think nothing of it.


Korean Dog Meat, for sale at restaraunts and butcher shops


I wasn’t in Korea “back when” but Koreans eat dogs and so does China, our newest political buddy…
This thing about eating dogs isn’t meant to deride any belief or nationality. I’ve seen how hungry many people are even today. According to Wikipedia “In the 21st century, dog meat is consumed in China (they even have a dog meat festival!) and Korea, Nigeria, Switzerland, and Vietnam. {Ref #1}


I didn’t know about Switzerland! It’s a popular vacation destination for wealthy Americans. I wonder if skiers have dogs and if they know this?


According to the Animal Rights advocates, nearly a million dogs are consumed every year in South Korea and my daughter found that Korean restaurants served dog meat during the 2018 Winter Olympics.


Native Americans ate camp dogs when game was scarce. As customs go, some people wouldn’t eat beef because it might be a sacred cow. Hindus consider a cow like “mother” because it makes milk. When I was in Vietnam it wasn’t easy to get beef. If you wanted a good steak, you got it in America or Argentina.


You horse and dog people would be impressed by those Argentinian cowboys and their Gaucho dogs. The dogs were a mixture of type but are born knowing how to control what I consider steak-on-the-hoof. For you genetic followers, the Argentinians are good people who have darned good dogs. I should also mention that they have small, hardy horses, nothing like our American horses.


Argentinian Cowboys and Gauchos


I didn’t ask but wondered why those little horses had so much “bridle” on their heads? Maybe some of you “horse people” can give us more info on that?


Back to meat. With our southern border breached, American customs and culture are changing faster than the weather. One thing that hasn’t changed is that we are all food-motivated. When we developed a taste for meat, we had to become smarter than grazing animals so we evolved or God increased our intelligence depending on your point of view.


Saint Bernards for the dinner tableWhen I said as much, trying this out on my daughter, she wondered which came first, the “want-to” eat meat or the need to add meat protein so our brains could continue to develop. Beats me, she’s looking into it but she reminded me reported that China was buying up St. Bernard dogs because the puppies grow fast. {Ref #2}


I remember big breed dogs being sought after by China. I think Saint Bernard adult dogs were most popular for eating. I guess it was cheaper to import meaty grown dogs than to raise them in China.


I’ve seen dogs raised in cages, no sun, no fresh air. Dogs “see” with their noses. That is like you being born in a tiny room with no windows and dying without ever having seen a sunrise, a thundercloud, or a butterfly…


Think about “Man’s Best Friend” being treated worse than cattle in countries that raise them for food. At least cows are outside in sunshine and fresh air.


Be grateful we Americans see dogs as best friends, not food!


Our world is changing, fast. The United States no longer has borders and we are fleeing instead of fighting in Afghanistan. My buddies are furious. They treat women like chattel and have weird customs but I don’t remember them eating dogs.


My daughter looked it up. In the 21st century, dog meat is consumed in China, Korea, Nigeria, Switzerland, and Vietnam.” I think on that, I’ll end this and go get a cuppa java. I’ve sure lost my appetite. And I miss my old dog.


Reference Information: {1} Wiki/Dog_meat   {2} Saint Bernard's Asian Delicacy by Dr. Lee

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