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China is buying up America’s farmland and the food companies they don’t already own. How does that affect YOU as an animal owner and consumer?


Col. Sam Harper, Dogsport Reconnaissance

August 09, 2021


We Americans can’t get enough of “oriental breeds” like the Shih Tzu, Chinese Shar Pei and the Pug and as my daughter says, “with good reason!



I get it but to us ‘old guys’ who put our lives on the line for America, cozying up to an enemy can be risky if not treasonous.


Hold that thought as we look at the connection between dogs and politics.


The need for food makes us get up and go to work (hunt) as dependably as does our instinct to procreate. Food fuels us. Herbs and medicines help keep us healthy so we can keep working and build a family.


The problem as I see it is that China is messing with our ability to grow our own food our leaders are ignoring it. I also agree with a medic-buddy who worries about some of the prescriptions being handed out today. He doesn’t own a pet so I didn’t mention veterinary meds but that would an easier way to mess with our heads. My old dog acts funny, I’m worried and off to the vet for tests.


When I tried out the Chinese-made prescriptions premise on my grown-up daughter, she frowned, put her finger on her nose which I’ve learned means she’s thinking seriously and then said “What an insidious way to muddle our minds and weaken our bodies at the same time. I wonder how much sample-testing our government does?


I responded with something brilliant like “Right…!” She proceeded to make my point which is that we need to face up to China’s tyranny over our food and medicines if we want to remain first in world politics. Damn! She’s wasting her talent as an economics major, she should be president.


Weighing her wisdom, I then observed that we used to fight our battles face to face, now we exchange blows economically and politely call it “politics.” She nodded.


You get it too. If we were to get cross-ways with China, it would be bad because a lot of our food, medicine, clothing and “stuff” comes from China.


I said as much and she laughed, saying “The irony is that Pugs and Pekes” are bred here now. I also heard that the “Chinese” Shar Pei was invented in Kansas.


I don’t know enough about dog breeds to comment but the medicine thing is worrisome. Don’t get me wrong, I care about dogs and that got me thinking about territory. I had a flash image of a “Chinese Fighting Dog” a buddy of mine had. Tough dog! He kicked you-know-what all over the base until Jerry finally chained him up.


As dog owners you know about animals. Whether you are a bird or a bull or a man, you fight for your territory. Not just because it gives you breeding rights but because your job is to protect your stomping grounds. Reminds me of the “stomp dance” Native Americans do. A Cherokee buddy took me to their pow-wow in Kansas and the territorial message was clear.



Come to think of it, the Chinese do a sort of stomping march. You’ve seen them on TV, all stiff-legged. Don’t laugh, that takes strength and stamina. Our troops don’t “stomp” when on parade. We show our strength in real life but as a commander, I know what “show of force” means and how to use it.


That brings me back to politics. Chinese troops exaggerate their strength when marching but they are very quiet about business and politics. I may not know much about dogs but I know how to spot an adversary’s weak points, assess our own vulnerabilities and take steps to protect my men.


Back to Chinese dogs. My daughter says most of the so-called Chinese breeds are just mutts with invented history. She points out that China wasn’t even open to visitors until 1978.


I thought about that for a millisecond and realized she was right. While I was thinking, like I hope you are, she looked it up on her gadget and said the Pekingese was recognized as an AKC breed in 1906. We looked at each other and laughed. Somebody visited China…


She talked to her device some more and then said “Oh my… just this April 2020 China’s Ministry of Agriculture reclassified dogs as companion animals instead of livestock, in other words, edibles!


I know there’s nothing you can personally do about the culture of other countries. Hell, we’re lucky to have leaders who keep us out of war and for that, we are grateful. But as you go about your day, think about China’s strength and goals and value your freedom.


Whatever breed you have, thank America for letting you choose. EST 2002 © Aug 2021



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