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The dog was the first domesticated species but scientist-theologian proves the canine did not evolve from wolves or any other creature and is in fact, untraceable!


Dr. Roberta Lee, Science Editor, SAAB Member

2024 update | December 2019 says dogs and wolves are so closely related that “DNA analysis cannot distinguish a wolf from a dog or a wolf-dog hybrid. Coyotes, however can be distinguished from wolves and dogs through DNA analysis.


In other words, even DNA analysis cannot answer the common question “where did dogs come from?” It is much like that Roadrunner comic strip... look closely and poof, he’s gone!


The fact is, even though they play a leading role in both fact and fiction...


No one knows where the dog came from or how it became man’s best friend.


Here is a unusually candid quote. “Scientists once thought that dogs descended from gray wolves. Now, through genetic studies, researchers know that dogs and wolves share a common ancestor instead of a direct lineage.


The dog is a feature player in the Bible, the Qur'an, ancient texts, fairy tales and of course, on google. Even so, you will find not one definitive scrap of DNA that proves any of the accepted hypothesis.


Here is an example of cleverly worded “proof” that goes “poof!” under scrutiny. A 2014 study by PLoS Genetics states “dogs and gray wolves may share a common ancestor in an extinct wolf lineage that lived thousands of years ago.” The catch phrase is “may share” but the thought-provoking FACT is that the dog is the ONLY large carnivore ever domesticated and bonded to man. Cat fanciers will agree…


As a religious scholar, I can say with certainty that theologians and scientists agree canis familiaris (domestic dog) is a weird glitch in the animal kingdom.


 No science, no genetic study, no "caveman" drawings or religious works connect the dog to any other species, living or extinct.


This is an intriguing anomaly in Creation vs. Evolution theories. “Theories” because to this day no one knows where WE came from, much less if any animal species came from another planet as some believe we did.


My belief is that the Creator/God knew humans were imperfect, egotistical and duplicitous and therefore needed a exemplary example of selfless devotion.


It is a perfect plan. Dogs comfort, defend, and feed mankind. And so it was that in every part of the world where there were humans, there evolved a dog for that environment and purpose. From elegant desert hounds to elusive jungle dogs, according to their traits and capabilities, they all served man.


Did you know that we began to tame and keep animals over 20,000 years ago? We like to think the dog was the first but credible sources including NatGeo say “Goats were probably the first animals to be domesticated, followed closely by sheep. In Southeast Asia, chickens were domesticated about 10,000 years ago.” There is no mention of the grey wolf (canis lupus) or the dog (canis familiaris).


Science attempts to clarify the genetic mystery. “Scientists once thought that dogs descended from gray wolves. Now, through genetic studies, researchers know that dogs and wolves share a common ancestor instead of a direct lineage.” That statement was a typically brilliant fizzle.


Mankind’s ancient connection with the dog is found in archeological remains and cave drawings and is nowhere better exemplified than in today’s therapy and service dogs.


Archeological evidence suggest that dogs were valued for more than their ability to find game for their human pack. That makes sense - until common sense whispers “Why would a completely self-sufficient carnivorous species seek the company of a predominantly vegetarian creature like mankind?


Intellectual dissertations on the origin of the dog only deepen the mystery.


Think about this. Why would a plant-eating hominoid want a meat-eating friend? What genetic quirk would cause vulnerable humans to bring into our cave a species that would have naturally considered us easy prey?


And coming full circle, what UN-natural phenomenon caused a powerful, self-sufficient meat eater to become subservient to a plant-eater? It is an unsolvable riddle that theologians, scientists and scholars have given up on. I am degreed in all three fields so I speak with some authority. We simply don’t KNOW.


Moving forward a few centuries, how is it that dogs have a sacred role in most cultures?


√ Egyptian rulers were often buried with their favorite dog.

√ Dogs were of religious significance to the Mayans and Aztecs of the Americas.

√ The dog is one of only 12 animals honored in Chinese astrology.

√ Hindus believe that dogs guard the doors of Heaven and Hell.

√ In Greek mythology, Cerberus is the three-faced guard dog of the Underworld.


When a story is passed from generation to generation, we can accept that it has a basis in fact. The bible told of Lazarus whose sores were licked by street dogs and healed. There is simple science in that because canine saliva contains an antibacterial enzyme (lysozyme) which stimulates the skin and increases healing blood flow. That is why dogs instinctively lick their own wounds to heal them.


Saint Roche of 14th century France is the Patron Saint Of Dogs. He gave up the family fortune and made a pilgrimage to Rome where he devoted himself to caring for victims of the “black plague.”


He was not immune and when he was stricken, as was the custom, he went into the forest to die. He was followed by a dog that licked his sores and brought him food and in a true miracle, he recovered from the disease that killed over half of Europe’s entire population, an estimated 50 million people.


My doctorate degree in Religion doesn’t teach the power of dogs to heal but experience has proven it is factually true, both psychologically and physically.


Jewish law requires Jews to feed their dogs before themselves. A black and white dog is sometimes used as an informal symbol of the Dominican order of friars. Domini canes in Latin means "the dogs/hounds of the Lord."


In Native American culture the dog predates the horse and was the first animal to be domesticated because the dog chose man and so it was around the globe known as earth. As in most advanced cultures, the natives of North America made a pact with the dog and accepted it dog as a useful friend.


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