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America loves Chinese dog breeds and cuisine but not COVID-19 from the Wuhan lab, the 2024 trade imbalance, nor our current political structure with China.


Barbara "BJ" Andrews, SAAB Member

May 01, 2024 update | June 3, 2021


America is indebted to China for the wonderful dog breeds that originated there (Chinese Crested, Chow-Chow, Pekingese, Pug and Shar-Pei) but since this was written in 2021, things have changed.


We love Chinese dog breeds and cuisine but not COVID-19 from the Wuhan lab!


More than the Wuhan Flu from China, today we must pay attention to the political infection spreading among our leaders. Either you are aware of China's influence over our government or you are about to click out... so let's not talk about that.


China is highly civilized. While not the oldest (it is preceded by Mesopotamia (4000 BC) and Egypt (3100 BC) China is one of the strongest countries, both politically and in sheer numbers. ACM (Ancient Chinese Medicine) has fallen out of favor in the U.S. today but it was once more powerful than our modern medicine. We outshine China in surgical advancements but not in overall medical knowledge and longevity.


Chinese scholars, traditionalists and herbalist


That said, Ancient Chinese Medicine is still revered around the world - acupuncture, tai chi and most herbal remedies originated in China. We would be foolish to ignore the implications of such extraordinary medical knowledge as has existed for centuries in China.


The point is, your prescription medicine may very well come from China! The U.S. Department of Commerce records show that in 2021 we imported over 90% of our ibuprofen and hydrocortisone, 70% percent of acetaminophen and 40 percent of penicillin from China.


You may know that COVID-19 was developed in China’s Wuhan Lab in March 2020 {Ref #1} Do you remember that it took mainstream media until June 2021 to officially acknowledge the source of that deadly virus? They couldn't ignore the truth because broke the story in 2020...


As you are about to learn, the NetPlaces Network {Ref #2} has more than a passing acquaintance with China, not only China's dogs which are the foundation for so many beloved “Oriental dog breeds” but also China’s government and plan for world dominance.


Like Confucius (551-479 BC), China’s leaders are highly intelligent, patient and driven to succeed. Chinese scholars look forward and backwards through 35,000 years of written history. Chinese warriors are, even unarmed, a “deadly weapon.” Sun Tzu, who authored the 5th Century Art of War {Ref #3} said "… if you know others and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles." We can only hope that our current leaders actually “know thine enemy… subscribers are privy to more cultural and political information on China than most “mainstream media” reporters. That is due to a fascination with Chinese dogs which led to this editor’s personal friendship with Lana Tsan {Ref #4} who was a Chinese National, a stockbroker based in NYC, and a close friend of Jiang Zemin, the President of China.


Our friendship began in 1995 and led to formation of the China Kennel Club in 1998. In 2002 NetPlacesNetwork was honored to accept Lana Tsan as a member of our Science & Advisory Board {Ref #5}.


Lana Tsan (front left) presenting an award in the historic “first AKC formatted dog show” then pictured accepting an honor award from the China Kennel Club. Lana also organized China’s first Grooming Show.


Lana Tsan (front left) is presenting an award in the historic “first AKC formatted dog show” and then pictured accepting an honor award from the China Kennel Club. Lana is also organizer of China’s first Grooming Show. As an aside, grooming shows became so popular in America that they were televised. was invited to attend the 2008 World Olympics as the personal guest of President Hu Jintao. I was deeply honored but declined due to my husband's failing health. Lana understood but afterwards she sent this photo which gives us an understanding of the unity of China's people.


 What looks like orange dots are performers in perfect pattern and synchronization.


TheDogPress was invited to attend the 2008 World Olympics as guests of President Hu Jintao.


This was published in June of 2021. By 2024 things had changed dramatically in both China and the United States. The “People’s Republic Of China” brought us “COVID-19… unknown origin…” 3/17/20 ~ Andrews, Corona Virus {Ref #6} and “Wuhan research lab was China's first “biosafety level 4 laboratory… opened in 2015.” and “patient zero was one of their employees.” ~ 4/07/20 Col. Harper Animal Wormer {See Ref #1}.


Mainstream media was and is “encouraged” to “keep a lid on the China connection.” With the Biden administration the lid has been lifted and the steam is out of the pot although most U.S. negotiations with China are for obvious reasons, not made public.


Even today our beloved Chinese dog breeds have history that is largely conjecture rather than factual because of the “silken curtain” maintained by China.


Was it coincidence that as military families celebrated Memorial Day May 31, 2021, China quietly closed most of its Confucius Institutes in colleges across America? Was it because their work was done?



The tax-payer-funded Confucius Institutes were seen by many political observers as in-your-face Chinese propaganda centers begun during the Obama administration. The Confucius courses declined from more than 100 universities in 2016 to less than 27 in 2019 when President Trump reduced federal funding.



Today we have a new President who is very friendly with China. Whether that is beneficial to the U.S. remains to be seen. Additionally or incidentally (?) President Biden’s son has financial arrangements with China and his “China connection” bedmate was accused of being a Chinese agent.


Wouldn’t you agree that dogs, their intentions and loyalties are more trustworthy than politics? The dogs believed to have originated in China are "definitely different" and beloved by people around the globe.


Reference Information: {1} Wuhan Lab's COVID 19 {2} NetPlaces Network {3} Art Of War {4} Lana Tsan {5}Science & Advisory Board {6} Corona Virus EST 2002 © Jun 2021 rev23062405



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