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At no time in America’s history has this question been more pertinent nor have Americans felt less secure in their own homes, even in frontier days…


March 21, 2022

Col. Sam Harper, Dogsport Reconnaissance


First let’s get real about guns. In 1492 the Europeans invaded a foreign country and war resulted in what was to become America. So the Brits waged war against the natives, called “Indians” because the sailors thought they were on the coast of India.



I know more about gunpowder than I do about dogs but here’s my point. Humans wage war. Unlike any other living creature, “people” have done that since 2,700 B.C. I know because some smart guy in Mesopotamia took notes on the first “war” ever recorded.


OK, that was then but now you might want to think about this… China invented gunpowder. Then they “exploded” it in a bamboo tube. That was the first explosive weapon ever invented. By the time of the American civil war we had cannons instead of bamboo and it was a bloody mess. Now we have nuclear bombs.


But let’s go back to America’s frontier days when we feared “indians” who had only arrows and lances. The native Americans were no match for our pistols and rifles so pioneers kept going west. They developed “settlements” all across native hunting lands and the fact is that we’ve been shooting each other over “turf wars” around the globe ever since.


Humans are greedy and land equals wealth but like no other creature on earth, humans fight “just for the hell of it.’ Take that thought and weigh it against the military action. The Ukraine/Russia conflict is just one example.


Unlike any animal, people love to fight but we don’t like to lose so we keep building bigger and better weapons. A tree branch or a club just doesn’t cut it anymore. When you see that ruffian Putin on TV keep in mind that he has nuclear weapons and my sources say that he’s a little off his rocker. Let’s hope our leaders keep their heads, literally.


Back to firearms. Today there are more illegal pistols in any major city than there were in all of North America during the war of 1776. While you’re thinking about that, let me give you another interesting fact.


Historians credit human inventiveness with our ability to survive but those scholars didn’t factor in one thing that should be obvious. Nature gave us rocks to throw at each other. A hundred years later, God/Nature saw that we needed to be more human a dog was sent to our campfire. The fact that we could make fire was revolutionary but so was the humaneness the dog inspired in us.


You know the rest. We went from clubs to spears to firearms to nuclear bombs. In 2022 we fear people whom we have never seen and never harmed. Humans have a superior brain so let us pray that our pack leaders use theirs…


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