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If you own purebred dogs, cats or livestock, you understand the importance of preserving the type and behavioral characteristics that define it.


Stella Starr, Pet Perspectives

February 25, 2024


I have cats and although I’m not a breeder, I know how genetics affect their health and behavior. I’m sure you dog breeders know a lot more about inherited characteristics but I don’t need a crystal ball to see what America’s ‘melting pot’ is doing to our culture.


Your family is at risk if you poo-poo ancient skills (like what you call foresight) and that other thing called honor by giving in to pack mentality. I know this website is about dogs but I see where many of our pack leaders are abusing their status.



Even without “crystal” insight, I can see that we are a long way past needing to be a melting pot. America got great brains from Europe, including German preciseness and Irish courage. They also got the wanderlust from my ancestors who came from India with itchy feet they passed on to the Brits who got on wooden boats and sailed to another continent!


All of that adds up to why the United States became so successful over six hundred years ago. But my question is who decided we need more foreign genes today? Was it our leaders or our enemies?


The talking heads use phrases like “middle Eastern” immigrants but that looks like deliberate deceit. A high percentage coming across the border are from the “Far East” meaning China, Japan or Korea. Even if you flunked history, you know we fought Japan and Korea. I hope it never comes to a fight with China. I don’t need to ask my crystal how that would turn out.



I know, is about dogs and we love Chinese dog breeds but no dog, not even a rabid one, ever wanted to harm us. You know America was founded by European migrants whose strengths were well-known but today we are welcoming genetic bundles from countries that care nothing about our values.


As an aside, did you know that China has the longest written history of any country, over 3,500 years. I looked it up. We Americans are infants in the span of human history!


Most immigrants only want the good life you have. The problem as I “see” it is that to get it, they have to take it from you and your kids. EST 2002 © Feb 2024



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