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The Pillory of Veterinarians


Why do animal doctors deride breeders, the very people who produce the animals that once inspired them and currently support them?


September 12, 2017

Joseph Byer, Jr., Rights Research (Editor)


How activist veterinary organizations turn veterinarian against breeders.  AVMA, BVA, CVA, WVA (yes, World)… Veterinary Associations in general have betrayed dog breeders by supporting their medical associations over their customers. Vets reneged on their promise to do no harm, all for insurance discounts and other trinkets proffered. They adopted the business-minded approach promoted by their newly politicized veterinary medical associations.


Single-practice veterinarians were seduced into becoming members of the CVMA (Canadian Veterinary Medical Association) or the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) in exchange for offers of cost reductions, insurance advantages, and for promoting “wellness testing” to bolster their sagging bottom line.


The veterinary associations also made them an exclusive vendor for certain “healthy" dog foods available only at the vet’s office..


Older veterinary practitioners have become prey for national veterinary chains buying up the struggling and retiring veterinary clinics. They become prisoners, part of the mega-clinics like National Veterinary Associates who oversees 244 hospitals in 39 states.  It’s also happening overseas, for example, there’s the Asian Veterinary Association. And the National Veterinary Care has picked up 41 Australian vet clinics and is aiming to be the leading provider of veterinary services in Australia and New Zealand.


Ted Sprinkle, DVM says that “while the company does have guidelines, such as how practices should deal with customer services, customer interaction and client loyalty, its philosophy is otherwise hands-off on its clinics”.


Another view of the chain veterinary clinic practice was revealed in an interview with Dr. Hope, DVM. conducted by this writer. He confided that the corporation that bought his practice has strict rules that keep him from seeing his clients for some 15 minutes until the sales team has had time to make a few sales pitches.


Additionally he is not permitted to prescribe any medicine without some kind of medical test being given. A man who has operated his practice for some 40+ years is not allowed to rely on his experience and intuition to diagnose his patient; he is required to administer a medical test in order to confirm what he already knows. Follow the money.


In addition to the business-mindedness, veterinary organizations have super-imposed their judgments over breeders in matters that are NOT within their authority.


Organizations like the Canadian Veterinary Organization have identified ear cropping, tail docking and dew claw removal as “medically unnecessary”. The A.V.M.A., American Veterinary Medical Association, calls them “cosmetic surgery”. They ignore that dog breeders crop ears, dock tails and remove dewclaws, not just as artistry.  Veterinarians began doing those procedures for practicality and enhancing performance and general heath. The final word on ear cropping, tail docking, and dew claw removal procedures goes to the breeders, NOT the veterinary establishment.


It is the breeders who are the experts in their particular breed. When breeders have worked with a breed for years, they acquire much more knowledge than the one semester of studies done at vet school.


Would veterinarians rather sell a lifetime of antibiotics for ear infections or crop ears so that they don’t become infected? Would they rather perform a host of expensive cancer treatments because early spay/neuter operations removed vital health hormones? Is that why there are veterinary prescriptions to address the medical problems in older dogs resulting from castration or hysterectomy?


Bob Bastian, Pennsylvania House of Representatives (1999-2008) and a practicing veterinarian said, “Breeders and veterinarians used to have a great relationship. It was BREEDERS who kept people coming through the door.


Without the companion animal breeders, veterinarians may eventually need to find a new revenue stream and some may even be asking, “Do you want fries with that, Sir? EST 2002 © 1709r196 


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